Edelkrone StandPlus

Edelkrone has announced its new StandPlus. It is being touted as a practical and versatile stand solution that allows you to place your camera in unique positions as long as it is used on a flat surface.

Now StandPlus isn’t exactly new. Edelkrone originally announced it way back in 2016. You can see the video above. I am not sure why they are releasing the same product again 7 years later. It wasn’t that popular back then, but maybe because of the increase in social media influencers, they want to give it new life.

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StandPlus is certainly being targeted directly at YouTubers and influences. This is pretty clear when you look at Edelkrone’s marketing material.

StandPlus features three foldable sections so you can position it at various heights and angles. There are also solid metal balls in the legs that let you rotate and move StandPLUS around on smooth flat surfaces. These balls are only going to work o very flat, even, and smooth surfaces.

StandPlus is almost like a larger Vesa mount arm for a monitor that you can put on the ground. It is probably a decent option if you do a lot of overhead tabletop shots.

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The StandPlus doesn’t feature any knobs or locking mechanisms and Edelkrone claims that they won’t lose grip even after countless adjustments. My concern is that with no locking mechanisms, how long will the stability of the sections last before they start to slip? Anything that is designed to be moved solely via friction will eventually start to come loose.

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The maximum payload capacity of the StandPlus is 6 lbs / 2.72 kg. This means that it is only going to be suitable for use with phones, mirrorless hybrids, and very small-sized digital cinema cameras. The StandPlus weighs 12.7 lb / 5.8 kg, but the payload capacity is actually less than half the weight of the stand. It is made out of 100% CNC machined Aluminum and that is why it weighs 5.8 kg.

The StandPlus can be used at a minimum height of 28.1″ / 71.6 cm and it can be set to a maximum height of 64″ / 162.6 cm/

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The StandPlus collapses down and can be opened up and set at various angles depending on what you are shooting. When you are finished shooting it can be folded up and put away.

Edelkrone states that it offers ‘Quality of life improvements (over tripods).’ I am not sure what they exactly mean by that. A tripod with a ball head can be adjusted and it is capable of panning and tilting, and it can be used on any surface. I am not sure how a device with no way of doing smooth pans or tilts that can only be used on completely flat surfaces indoors offers improvements over a tripod.

Edelkrone in their marketing material goes on to say, ‘Imagine the time you spend setting up a tripod, also the time you waste every time you need to raise or lower your camera.’

According to Edelkrone, the ‘StandPlus enables you to get overhead shots that are immersive and show what you are working on to your audience. Classic tripods can’t do this.’

Price & availability

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The Edelkrone StandPlus is now available for $490 USD.

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