Leofoto BV-30 & BV-20 Fluid Head Tripods


At CP+ 2023, Leofoto was showing tow yet to be announced fluid head flat base tripods, the BV-30 and the BV-20. These new models will join the existing BV-10, BV-15, and BV-30M.


The BV-30 has a claimed payload capacity of up to 20kg / 44lb.

The fluid head features four levels of counterbalance on the tilt axis and there are four settings for drag on the pan axis.

It also has an adjustable drop-in Arca Swiss quick-release plate.

Key features

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Flat base with a 3/8″-16 threaded mounting interface
  • Aluminum construction
  • Arca-Swiss QR plate with anti-twist pads prevent metal-to-metal contact
  • 360° pan motion and +90/-75° tilt adjustment
  • Individual pan and tilt locks
  • Bubble level
  • Two rosette pan handle mounts
  • Pan handle included

I had a brief play with the fluid head at CP+ 2023 and it felt nice to use. It certainly looks like a decent, affordable option for anyone looking for a flat base fluid head that can handle a high payload capacity.



The BV-20 is a slightly smaller flat base fluid head tripod with a payload capacity of up to 15kg / 33 lb.

Above you can see how it compares to the BV-30 when it comes to size.


The BV-20 features a slightly different top drop in plate mechanism.

Price & Availability

There is currently no pricing or availability for these new fluid heads as they are yet to be officially released. For a price reference, the Leofoto LS-324CEX Tripod and BV-10 Video Head retail for $414.26 USD.

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