Wise CFexpress Type B Mk-II Cards

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Wise has announced new CFexpress Type B Mk-II cards. These are a follow-up to the CFX-B line that was introduced back in late 2019.

By taking advantage of newer chips made using the 12nm process and NAND Flash memory technology, the minimum sustained write speed is now claimed to be 2-3x faster than the original model while generating less heat.

The sustained writes of up to 1300 MB/s in TLC mode allow the Mk-II models to handle any RAW recording, including the 8.3K 60p Nikon RAW from the Z9.

It is interesting that Frank Wang, Senior Product Manager of Wise Advanced states, “We are excited to see more advanced cameras this year, and pleased to include the latest technology to our standard all-day memory media. We believe these two new models will be sufficient for the continuous RAW shooting and video recording in the current mid-high camera environment.“ This almost certainly means that we are likely to see new cameras utilizing CFexpress Type B cards that may end up recording high data rates, I say this because most of the current CFexpress Type B cards are already more than capable of meeting the demands of any of the cameras currently on the market.

The Wise CFexpress Type B Mk-II cards will be available in mid-March 2023. They will replace the previous models (CFX-B512, CFX-B1024).

There is no current indication of pricing.

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