DCS LDT-V2 – the first wireless lens encoder for virtual production

LDT V2 shot2

DCS has announced its latest product for virtual production, the LDT-V2 lens encoder. This is the first of its kind to record and wirelessly stream lens data simultaneously.

LDT V2 RX1 shot1

There is support for industry-standard Virtual Production packages from Unreal Engine, Disguise, Stage Precision, and Aximmetry. The LDT-V2 provides all the same functions as its predecessor, the LDT-V1, but also adds wireless functionality to stream lens data directly to the media player, enabling freedom of movement for camera operators.

Capturing lens data is an essential component of virtual production. The LDT-V2 takes raw motor information from a lens control system, smart lens, or DCS’ lens encoder LDT-E2, and translates it into human-readable lens data. The LDT-V2 offers virtual production studios the opportunity to wirelessly deliver accurate lens information in real time, from action to engine. As I mentioned earlier, at this point in time, the LDT-V2 is the only system on the market capable of recording and streaming lens data simultaneously.

What can the LDT-V2 do?

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Track positional lens data: Capture Focus, Iris and Zoom data throughout a shot to easily match physical and virtual cameras seamlessly.

Wide software support: Stream data directly into industry-leading virtual production software using DCS’ own Unreal Engine live link plugin, Disguise, Stage Precision or Aximmetry. 

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Lightweight and compact: At just 380 grams, and boasting compact dimensions of L120 x D74 x H30mm, the LDT-V2 provides accurate lens data while taking just a fraction of the valuable space in your camera set-up, and robust proprietary wireless data transmission eliminates the need for cables from camera to computer. 

Versatile data transfer: Stream encoded data wirelessly to the LDT-RX1 receiver at 2200-2500 MHz, below Wi-Fi frequencies to cut through the noise on set, or through a wired connection directly to a media player. Record the data by injecting into camera raw files or as a sidecar file on the device itself. 

Camera and lens Agnostic: Regardless of camera or lens, the LDT-V2 is filled with versatile features and options that work with existing workflow and equipment. Meaning, whatever set-up is being used, the LDT-V2 will be able to stream and record lens data from any lens.

Above you can see a video showing the LDT-V1. While this is only a hard-wired solution, it will at least give you an insight into how the LDT-V2 works.

Who is DCS?

Digital Camera Systems (DCS) are a UK-based technology company that specializes in creating accurate frame-by-frame capture and streaming of real-time lens metadata for VFX. Recent projects that used their technology include Elvis, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Barbie, and Murder Mystery 2.

Orca Studios, one of the leading virtual production studios that deliver work for Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Paramount, Skydance, and many others, are early adopters and have already widely used DCS products.

Pricing & Availability

LDT V2 shot3

The LDT-V2 real-time lens data streamer is available from today for £8,000 / $10,000 USD, directly from DCS.film with worldwide shipping.

If you happen to be attending this year’s BCS Expo can see the LDT-V2 and DCS’ virtual production workflow at the DCS booth (booth F5 in Battersea Evolution in London) from 24th to 25th February 2023. 

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