Deity Announces the SPD-1 Power Distribution Box

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Deity has released the SPD-1 Power Distribution Box for managing power in a sound bag or on a sound cart. This versatile device was designed to make sound recordists’ lives on set easier.

The SPD-1 supports both smart and non-smart batteries with triple DC inputs and hot-swappability. The SPD-1 also displays battery telemetry data so you can easily keep track of your power usage. This helps you prevent the embarrassing situation of running out of power at the wrong time.

1.1” Color Screen

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The SPD-1’s 1.1” color screen provides all the necessary information, like total power consumption, battery temperatures, voltage, life, and cycle count. There are locking toggle switches that make it easy to turn your devices on and off, and to help prevent losing power randomly.

The SPD-1 features dual 1/4” threaded mounts, allowing you to securely mount the device in any position. The reversible mounting clip makes it easy to change the device’s orientation as needed. The operating range of 12V-18V means that it will work with a wide range of devices.

Front-facing 5V2A Type A USB port

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In addition, the SPD-1 features a front-facing 5V2A Type A USB port, which makes it simple to charge your devices and keep them powered up. There are also six unregulated 4-Pin Push Power outputs (that are Hirose compatible), that you can use to power multiple devices simultaneously. The six outputs are divided across two power circuit groups so you can toggle on and off auxiliary devices without needing to power down your primary devices.

USB-C Input

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The USB-C Input provides regulated 12V into your system from wall power. This is useful when you are stationed in one place for longer and don’t want to use batteries. Ensure your USB-C power supply supports the 12V USB-C power standard and supplies enough watts. It is suggested to use a USB-C laptop-style power supply with the SPD-1.

SPD-1 Key features

  • Triple DC Inputs; Hot Swappable
  • Supports Smart and Non-Smart Batteries
  • Displays Battery Telemetry Data
  • Measures Total Power Consumption
  • Locking Toggle Switches
  • Metal Housing
  • 1.1” Color Screen
  • Dual 1/4” Threaded Mounts
  • Reversible Mounting Clip
  • Suggested Operating Range 12V-18V
  • Easy-Access 5V2A Type A USB port
  • 6 Unregulated Outputs

SPD-1 Compatibility

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  • Sound Devices MX-HIROSE DC Input Sled
  • Sound Devices 633, 664, 688
  • Sound Devices A10-RX A-TA3 Adapter, A10-RX A-XLR
  • Zaxcom Nova, Nova 2
  • Zaxcom Deva 24
  • Zoom F8, F8n, F8n Po
  • Zoom F4
  • Sound Devices A10-RX A-TA3 Adapter, A10-RX A-XLR
  • Lectrosonics SREXT SR Mounting Kit, DSR4EXT, DCR822
  • Wisycom MCR54 End Plate
  • MiPro MR-90SC
  • Sony UWP-D

SPD-1 Specifications

Power TypeDC
Inputs2x TA4f
1x USB-C 12V
Outputs2x 4-Pin Push (5A Total)
4x 4-Pin PUSH (5A Total)
1x USB-A (5V2A)
Operational Voltage Range12V~18V
Low Voltage Warning9V~12V
Over Voltage Cutoff24V
Under Voltage Cutoff7V
Built MaterialAluminum
Display1.1” TFT Color Screen
Mounting Options2x 1/4” 20 Threaded
1x Removable Clip
Dimensions36 * 89 * 64 mm
1.4 * 3.5 * 2.5 inch
Weight159g / 5.6oz

The Deity SPD-1 Power Distribution Box is available for preorder for $269.00.


Screen Shot 2023 02 09 at 6 28 14 PM

SPD-HRDC – 4-Pin Push-Power to 5.5mm Locking DC Cable is compatible with most Lectrosonics DC-powered audio devices, including the SR series of receivers, DSR, M2T, DCR822, DSQD, IFBT4, and the Lectrosonics LTBATELIM battery eliminator. This means you can use it with the equipment you already own without needing additional adapters or converters $27.00

1675867568 1748121

Deity Microphones SPD-T4BATT TA4F to Hi-Q Battery Cup F Smart DC/Data Power Cable provides a reliable and versatile DC power solution for TA4F-compatible audio equipment. Its compatibility with a wide range of devices (including the SPD-1 Smart Power Distributor and Sound Devices 833, 888, and Scorpio), easy-to-use design, and telemetry data makes it a must-have accessory for audio professionals. $45.00

1675867568 1748125

Deity Microphones SPD-HR3U 4-Pin Hirose to Triple USB-C Cable has triple USB-C connectors, the cable enables power for up to three USB-C devices in a sound bag. Designed to work seamlessly with Hirose-compatible power distributors like the SPD-1 or Audio Root, this versatile cable provides a secure connection and ensures power stability. $39.00

1675867568 1748126

Deity Microphones SPD-HRISO 4-Pin Hirose Inline Power Isolator Cable provides a ground-isolated DC power connection to help remove or reduce ground hum, hiss or whine in your audio equipment. Its 4-pin Hirose design makes the cable easy to use and provides a secure connection for your equipment. $75.00

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