SmallRig AirTag Cage Review

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The SmallRig AirTag Cage is a nice little device that allows yoo to attach an Apple AirTag to your camera or other equipment. Putting an AirTag on your camera makes a lot of sense, but you don’t want to advertise it because the first thing a thief will do is remove it. By putting the AirTag inside a small cage and attaching it to your camera or other equipment you add an affordable security blanket that allows you to know where your camera is at all times.

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The SmallRig AirTag Cage attaches to equipment via two 1/4″-20 screws. This allows you to mount it on cages and other mounting points.

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On a smaller sized camera it will take up some real estate and some users may find that they can’t mount it in a place that keeps it out of the way while you work.

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On mid to larger-sized digital cinema cameras the AirTag Cage is not going to be easier to place in a position where it is out of your way.

Build Quality

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The SmallRig AirTag Cage is made out of Aluminum Alloy and PC. It only weighs 23.0g (± 5.0g) so it isn’t going to add any unnecessary weight to your camera set-up.

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The cage features M2.5 screws to prevent your AirTag from being removed quickly, which gives you a greater possibility of finding your camera quickly if it does get stolen.

The AirTag mounting compartment has an integrated through slot with 1/4″-20 threaded holes in a 9-18mm pitch. This allows you to attach other accessories if need be.

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The AirTag mounting compartment also has a built-in EVA pad to protect the AirTag and prevent any unwanted noise when your camera is being used.

My only suggestion to SmallRig would be perhaps it would be better to make the cage a square shape so it doesn’t identify as much as something that may contain an AirTag.

Is it easy to install?

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Yes, it is. All you need to do it to take the front two screws off and remove the cover. You then find a spot on your camera or equipment and use 1 or two of the 1/4-20″ screws that are provided to attach it.

Once that is done, you put in your AirTag and then place the front cover back on and put in the two small screws, and tighten them up.

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On smaller sized cameras and other cameras with cages or mounting points, you may well find that you canonly use one screw to attach the AirTag Cage.

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On smaller-sized cameras, you really do need to be using a cage so that you have somewhere to attach it. As I previously mentioned, on a mirrorless hybrid or similar it will take up more real estate and it will stand out more.

Does the tracking distance get affected?

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The last thing you want to do with a tracking device is to compromise its range compromised by placing it in an enclosed cage. SmallRig has thought about this and the compartment cover on the cage has been made out of PC so that it limits any potential distance decreases.

The compartment cover is made of PC to avoid interfering with the tracking distance of the AirTag. It uses sturdy M2.5 screws to prevent your AirTag from being removed quickly, which certainly helps your chances of finding your camera.

Real World Use

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I found the SmallRig AirTag Cage to be a great set-and-forget device. On larger-sized cameras, you can secure it down in a spot that stays out of your way and you forget that it is there.

It is easy to locate your camera or equipment that has an AirTag on it. You simply open up the Find My app on your iPhone, it is that easy.

After a few days, I actually forgot that it was there, which is a good thing.

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It securely attaches to a camera, and it blends in without drawing too much attention to itself.

Price & Availability

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You can pre-order the SmallRig AirTag Cage for $14.90 USD. It is estimated to start shipping on the 31st of January.

SmallRig also makes the Quick Release Mount Plate (Arca-Type Compatible) for AirTag ($24.90 USD).

The built-in AirTag compartment allows you to mount it on the bottom of a camera body. The quick-release plate has a built-in Arca-Swiss plate, which can be quickly connected to tripods and other accessories. The bottom also has a built-in 1/4″-20 threaded hole, which can be attached to the quick-release plate, as well as a strap hole that is compatible with the wrist strap.


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The SmallRig AirTag Cage works as advertised and it’s a nice little accessory if you want to mount an AirTag on your camera or other equipment. There are certainly no guarantees that you will get your camera or equipment back if they happen to get stolen, but for the cost of the cage and an AirTage, it’s a small price to pay to at least have some added security. Yes, if the thief has an iPhone they will know that there is an AirTag present, but because the AirTag cage isn’t easy to remove with readily available tools it may give you some extra time to locate your camera.

For rental houses they could also possibly use the cages and AirTags on equipment, however, there would certainly be privacy concerns with doing that. Rental houses would have to disclose that to customers if they were to attach any tracking device. In saying that, once you disclose the fact that there is a tracking device, if someone wants to steal the product they will just remove the AirTag and cage because they know it is there. All in all, this is a great, inexpensive little device that gives you some extra piece of mind. While it certainly isn’t a replacement for camera insurance just knowing that you could locate your camera quickly if need be makes it a worthwhile addition to your kit.

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