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Falcom F50

Quick Release, High Compatibility, High Load-bearing, and Wide Application, One for All

On Feb 6th, FALCAM, a camera accessory brand under the Ulanzi Group, officially launched the F50 quick-release system. F50 QuickRelease System can not only meet the fast switching of heavy camera equipment among different support systems but also achieve a technological breakthrough in the quick release structure, making it compatible with the more than 90% Manfrotto standard quick release plate, with a quick and universal connection, which significantly improves the shooting efficiency for photographers and videographers.

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Quick Install, Quick Release, Complete in One Step

To switch scenes traditionally, repeating the cumbersome operations of fixing and unscrewing is necessary. FALCAM F50 quick-release system breaks the conventional equipment loading and unloading process. Press down the quick-release plate to automatically lock and fix it, and fully pull the bolt to unlock and disassemble it. All the work of disassembling and assembling the equipment is done in one go.

Whether the bottom or the top of the gimbal, F50 can be installed to achieve fast and seamless switching. Multiple F50 quick-mount bases could be used together, from the tripod to the slide rail to the JIB, to ensure that they can be quickly disassembled and assembled in different shooting scenarios. It dramatically reduces the preparation time for creators in device configuration, making the workflow more straightforward and faster.

The traditional cylindrical quick-release system cannot perform front and rear leveling. Still, the F50 can adjust the camera’s front and rear center of gravity by lightly breaking the pull bolt.

Compatibility Upgrade, Quick Release Connection

The most significant difference between F50 and the previous quick release system is that the F50 quick release base has an open quick release structure, which is compatible with 90% of third-party Manfrotto specification plates on the market, realizing quick release interoperability and significantly improving the use of your accessories Rate. The high compatibility of the interface allows quick release with more flexible scene applications.

The F50 quick release plate is equipped with 1/4″&3/8″ screws,
The F50 quick mount is equipped with 1/4″&3/8″ threaded holes,
which meet the use of general interface and double thread equipment.

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At the same time, FALCAM is also equipped with anti-loosening screws, effectively preventing the loosening of single-threaded equipment installation.

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Safe and Stable!

The main body is made of high-strength CNC machined aluminum alloy, solid and durable. It is also very smooth with larger camera packages and has excellent torsion resistance and load-bearing capacity.

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The adjustable limit screw design is compatible with quick-release plates with different limits, and the position of the screw can be adjusted to ensure the anti-loosening.

The F50 quick-release plate is equipped with non-slip rubber pads, increases friction, and is non-slip and scratch-resistant.

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The efficient and safe design makes creating content easier and focuses on capturing every moment of inspiration.

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Two kits, Satisfy Different Scenes and Preferences

The F50 system includes the F50 square quick-release kit and the F50 long quick-release kit, priced at 73.99 USD and 87.99 USD, respectively. The functions of the two kits are the same, and they are quick and universal. The square shape is suitable for connecting to the bottom of the gimbal, while the long shape is more suitable for connecting the top of the gimbal to the camera. You can choose the appropriate accessories according to your usage scenarios.

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The launch of the F50 also means that the quick-release ecosystem of FALCAM has been further expanded, from the F38 system suitable for quick switching of the tripod-stabilizer-shoulder strap-backpack to the F22 system for accessories with the quick-release camera cage as the main point. We also launched the F50 system, which is highly compatible and suitable for quick loading and switching heavy equipment.
FALCAM has been focusing on users’ needs to make quick-release ecosystems and is committed to bringing more efficient and practical photographic equipment accessories to creators.

The F50 products are now available on Ulanzi’s online store: https://www.ulanzi.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/falcam-f50-quick-release-system.

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