TASCAM Portacapture X6 Multitrack Recorder

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TASCAM has unveiled the Portacapture X6 Multitrack Recorder. It was designed for videographers, podcasters, and content creators working on smaller productions.

I reviewed the Tascam Portacapture X8 a year ago and essentially the X6 is just a slightly smaller version that can record to less tracks. If you want to find out more detail about the X6 then its worth reading my in-depth review of the X8, as all of the features are similar.

Key features

  • Ultraportable Six Track Stereo Recorder
  • WAV (BWF) and MP3 Recording
  • Adjustable Stereo Condensers, A/B or X/Y
  • 2 x XLR Mic/Line Inputs, 3.5mm Line Out
  • Up to 96 kHz / 32-Bit Floating Point
  • Digital USB-C Connector, 6×2 Interface
  • 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack, Aux In
  • 1/4″ Mount for Cameras and Stands
  • 2.4″ Color Touchscreen, App-Like Control
  • Includes Two AA Batteries

The compact size of the X6 makes it suitable for numerous recording applications, while still retaining the ability to record up to six simultaneous tracks at 96 kHz / 32-bit floating point.

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The stereo condenser microphone pair can be adjusted for A/B or X/Y configurations, depending on the desired stereo field width. The X6 features plenty of connectivity, including two XLR input jacks with 24 or 48V phantom power, one 3.5mm stereo aux input with plug-in power, a stereo 3.5mm line output, and a USB-C port with 6×2 audio interface capability. The color touchscreen makes it easy to operate the X6 like an app, and the recorder can be mounted on cameras and stands via its 1/4-20″ slot. It has a claimed battery life of up to 22 hours and it has the ability to take up to 512 GB micro SDXC cards.

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Thee Portacapture X6’s 2.4-inch color touchscreen features an easy-to-navigate interface. You can use the Launcher to select from Podcast, Music, Interviews, Field Recording, and 6-track multitrack recording.

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The two built-in condenser mics have angle adjustment and switchable A/B or X/Y patterns. The two XLR 3-pin inputs have selectable mic- or line-level operation and 24/48V phantom power. The extra 3.5mm stereo aux input supports plug-in power and there is a 3.5mm stereo line output for sending your mix to external devices and audio systems. The 3.5mm headphone output is able to deliver 45mW per channel, while the USB-C port supports 6 simultaneous inputs and two outputs.

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The X6 features 96 kHz / 32-bit float recording technology and its ability to capture audio in WAV (BWF) and up to 320 kb/s MP3. You can record six tracks (four track + two mix) simultaneously and even use the X6 as a 6-in/2-out USB audio interface to connect to your computer.

Screenshot 2023 01 27 at 11 17 30 AM

The X6 offers time-code sync and app control options via Bluetooth. For timecode you do need to use the optional $39 USD AK-BT1 dongle. With the AK-BT1 Bluetooth adapter, you can remote control your X6 wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet.

Price & Availability

The TASCAM Portacapture X6 Multitrack Recorder will start shipping at the start of March for $369 USD.

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