Irix Matte Box IQ

Irix has announced its new Matte Box IQ which is being touted as an affordable, lightweight, clip-on solution for filmmakers and content creators.

Lightweight, compact, matte boxes can be a handy addition to any kit, but you do have to remember that this matte box won’t work with lenses that have front diameters that are larger than 95mm. It also only takes certain filters and you can’t use 4×4 or 4x 5.65 filters with it.

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The Matte Box IQ can be used with Irix magnetic MMS (Magnetic Mount System) filters. This allows you tun run filters such as a VND.

Key features

  • Ultra-lightweight construction – 195 grams
  • Adjustable carbon fiber shading hood
  • Irix MMS (Magnetic Mount System) filter attachment 
  • Additional 52 to 86mm thread adapters are available
  • Reflection-reducing matt finish

The matte box can mount directly onto the housing of any industry-standard cine lens with a 95 mm front diameter.

Irix also has optional 52 to 86 mm thread adapters available so you can use the matte box with stills lenses. The Matte Box IQ will work with 15mm full frame lenses without any vignetting or getting in shot.

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The matte box is very lightweight and it tips the scales at just 195g.

The matte box is made out of carbon fiber compendium and it is coated with a matte coating to prevent internal reflections. The upper flag helps to block sunlight and other light sources from hitting the lens directly.

Price & Availability

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The Irix Matte Box IQ is available to purchase for $79.

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