Inovativ Deploy Mobile Workstation

Inovativ has unveiled the latest version of Deploy, a mobile workstation with 16U of vertical rack space. The Deploy features a redesigned frame with removable accessory bars and now comes with a bottom locking drawer, load handles, and quick grips.

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The 2023 Deploy is designed to give users an even better experience with studio work, location work, and travel. As well as featuring an entirely new frame and more comfortable pull handles, it also has height-adjustable Quick Grips that can rotate 360°, 38 threaded mounting points for accessories, Load Handles that fit any of those mounting points and a locking bottom drawer.

The Deply looks like a good option for professional DITs.

The Deploy has 16U of rack space that users can access from either the front or back of the cart.

There are four removable aluminum side panels to protect the inside of the workstation while also letting users access any internal rack-mounted components. It is compatible with industry-standard 19” rack-mounted systems. Users can customize their workstation by mounting accessories on rear mounts, the rear crossbar, the center mast bracket, or around the frame. There are 3/8”-16 threaded mounting points integrated throughout the frame and 16 replaceable 3/8″-16 accessory bars. The top surface also has a 2.5” cable passthrough hole to make cable management easy.

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While the Deploy was primarily designed for studio and location use, it is still relatively portable. The Deploy frame also separates in half so users can easily load it in vehicles. Like the previous model, the new version has a small footprint with an expandable working surface and collapsible side wings.

The new model has INOVATIV’s EVO Wheel System on the front and 20” traction wheels on the rear. The EVO Wheel System swivels for navigation and comes with removable foot brakes for safety, while the rear wheels make it easier to move over rugged terrain and uneven surfaces.

When extended, the wings increase the working surface from 21.125” to 45.125” in length. The working surface is 42.5” high, making it suitable for most standing workflows.

The Deploy is designed and manufactured in Southern California, USA. It is claimed to be made with premium-grade materials.

Price & availability

The Inovativ Deploy retails for $4,599 USD. This does make it much more expensive than the Deploy Gen IV Cart which retails for $3,499 USD.

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