ARRI Tech Talk: ALEXA 35 & Stabilizers – SAM Plates & Power

ARRI has released yet another Tech Talk video that clearly explains what SAM plates and powering requirements are needed when using the ALEXA 35 with a range of different stabilized platforms.

The ARRI Stabilizer Adapter Mount (SAM) plates allow you to make a quick and easy, toolless transition from traditional shooting styles such as tripod-mounted or hand-held into a variety of stabilizers from ARRI and third-party companies. In this tech talk, Sean Dooley demonstrates each of the six new SAM plates in their respective stabilizers and touches on how to power this new 24 V camera within different rigs.

The video is quite long and detailed, so below you can see where to start if you are after information about how to work with a particular stabilizer platform:

00:00 Intro
02:12 Accessories for SAM Plates
04:19 SAM -5 for Movi Pro
07:59 SAM-6 for TRINITY, ARTEMIS 2, SRH-3/360, MAXIMA
12:34 Top Accessories for TRINITY, SRH-3/360
14:22 SAM-7 for Artemis Gen.1, GPI Pro
16:08 SAM-8 for Steadicam
19:28 SAM-9 for Ronin 2

It is great to see ARRI create so many different Tech Talk videos for the ALEXA 35. This makes it easy to find out clear and concise information on a vast array of different topics. I wish more camera companies would do this.

Below you can see what SAM plates are required when working with various stabilized platform

Stabilizer Adapter Mount SAM -5 K2.0024572
For FREEFLY MōVI Pro and MōVI M15

Stabilizer Adapter Mount SAM-6 K2.0024508
Stabilizer Adapter Mount SAM-6 450mm/18in K2.0039405

For ARRI CSS Products Including TRINITY 2, TRINITY Gen.1, ARTEMIS 2, MAXIMA, SRH-3, SRH-360

Stabilizer Adapter Mount SAM-7 K2.0024511
For ARRI artemis Gen.1 and GPi PRO Stabilizers

Stabilizer Adapter Mount SAM-8 K2.0044479
For Tiffen Steadicam products including M1 & M2

Stabilizer Adapter Mount SAM-9 K2.0041949
For DJI Ronin 2

Ignite Digi Ronin 2 to Movi Top Plate adapter

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