Alteon Accelerator– upload media files up to 5TB 100% faster than TCP

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Alteon Accelerator is a free desktop application powered by IBM Aspera, that allows content creators to upload media files up to 5TB at claimed speeds that are 100% faster than TCP.

The aim of Alteon Accelerator is to make content collaboration fast, easy, and accessible to a lot of users.

If you are not familiar with Alteon, it is a content management system that enables visual storytellers and content teams to store, edit, share and collaborate on their media projects quickly and easily. Alteon Accelerator can be used on any Mac or Windows desktop and can be triggered to initiate remotely.

This launch follows new developments and partnerships from Alteon, including their workflow extension for Final Cut Pro, the ability to transcode Blackmagic RAW files, and the unveiling of Alteon LaunchPad for the Opera Crypto Browser, an integration that enables anyone to mint an NFT from the browser.

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