Sony VENICE 2 V2.00 & VENICE V6.30 Firmware now available to download

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Sony VENICE 2 V2.00 & VENICE V6.30 firmware updates are now available to download. Sony highly recommends this firmware update for installation on all VENICE 2 and VENICE systems to ensure the highest performance.

So what does Firmware: MPC-3628_3626 V2.00 add to the VENICE 2?

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V2.00 adds new imager modes for the 8K sensor, ProRes 444 XQ recoding options, a zoom to fit function when using anamorphic lenses, and several other minor but important additions.


  • CBK-3620XS Camera Extension System connection function
  • Added imager modes for 8K sensor
  • Zoom to Fit function for anamorphic lens
  • ProRes 4444 XQ recording support
  • LUT/CDL data storage on recording media function
  • Playback position indicator and frame jump function during clip playback
  • Sync Shift function for external genlock signal input
  • Other useful functions
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Probably the biggest new addition is the added imager modes and increased recording speeds.

Version 2.00 Firmware

FULL FRAME8.6K 17:9Up to 48fps
8.2K 2.39:1Up to 72fps
8.1K 16:9Up to 48fps
Super 35 Anamorphic5.8K 4:3Up to 60fps
Super 355.5K 2.39:1Up to 120fps

As you can see, the VENICE 2 will be able to shoot up to 48fps in 8.6K 17:9 and up to 72fps in 8.2K 2.39:1. There will finally be a Super 35 Anamorphic 5.8K 4:3 shooting mode which will allow you to shoot at up 60fps.

Current Firmware

FULL FRAME8.6K 17:9Up to 29.97fps
8.2K 2.39:1Up to 47.95fps
8.1K 16:9Up to 29.97fps
Super 35 Anamorphic5.8K 6:5Up to 47.95fps
Super 355.4K 2.39:1Up to 90fps

As a comparison, above is what the VENICE 2 8K was capable of shooting before the V2.00 firmware update.

Screenshot 2022 09 08 at 9 37 20 AM

Version 2.00 also allows users to embed LUT (Look Up Table) and CDL (Color Decision Lists) data in clips. It also gives users new monitor-out functions such as zoom to fit for anamorphic lenses and the ability to change the position of the recording status indicator and playback status indicator up to eight positions to the center of the screen.

The firmware update also now allows one of nine positions on the viewfinder to be magnified to assist with focus and shooting. New functions also allow users to output the same image as the viewfinder with settings, such as peaking and zebra, via the monitor-out. Playback functions have also been improved. Playback position in the clip is now displayed and allows frame-by-frame playback. EI metadata is also applied during playback.

New functionality has also been added for using the camera in virtual production environments. The VENICE 2 will sync functions, including phase shifting of Genlock, which enables you to shift on-camera artifacts until they are minimized. Additionally, Genlock is now available when shooting at high frame rates.

Sony does have a habit of trickling out firmware updates for their high-end digital cinema cameras over a period of years. While there is nothing wrong with doing this, I think a lot of owners would have preferred to have seen all of the features available at launch, especially when it comes to recording modes and frame rates.

So what does Firmware: MPC-3610 V6.30 add to the VENICE?

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Well, not that much. This doesn’t come as a massive surprise as VENICE has been out for quite a few years now. However, it is good to see that Sony is still releasing new firmware for the camera (even if it is just minor upgrades).

  • CBK-3620XS Camera Extension System connection function
  • Firmware version display at startup
  • Enhanced security

Sony states that the installation of firmware is at the owner’s risk. You should always refer to Sony’s terms & conditions for details. Prior to installation you should also always read the installation instructions clearly.

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