OWC Thunderbolt Go Dock – the World’s first fully featured dock with a built-in power supply

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, OWC unveiled its new Thunderbolt Go Dock, which they are claiming is the World’s first fully featured dock with a built-in power supply.

Thunderbolt Go Dock Hero Left Front

The new Thunderbolt Go 11-port dock enables users to easily connect from anywhere with Thunderbolt and USB-C-compatible Macs, PCs, iPads, Chromebooks and Android devices.

Key features

  • No more bulky, heavy-power brick hassle. With a built-in power supply, just connect the power cable to a power outlet.
  • The built-in power supply enables more workflows vs bus-powered docks
  • Add all the external storage, multiple displays, and accessories you need
  • One dock that works with all your Thunderbolt and USB-C devices
  • Enhance network-based workflows and transfer files up to 2.5x faster than standard 1GbE
  • Keep your notebook travel ready with up to 90W charging power
  • Enjoy mobile connectivity with a rugged, heat-dissipating aluminum design
  • Ingest photos and video footage via the SD card reader
  • Plug headphones and mics into the audio combo jack
  • LEDs provide at-a-glance update on power and uplink activity
  • Keep it safe by connecting anti-theft cabling to the Kensington Security Slot
  • Thunderbolt Certified OWC dependability for Mac and Windows
  • 2 Year OWC Limited Warranty
  • High resolution of up to 8K display with the HDMI port.
Thunderbolt Go Dock LS Lifestyle

According to OWC, the three key factors when designing mobile docks are space, weight, and performance. So what OWC has done is create a full-featured Thunderbolt dock with a built-in power supply, thus, eliminating the additional power supply that is typically needed for any non-bus-powered solutions. It is the only portable dock on the market that allows for professional connectivity without the performance limitations of bus-powered docks. The Thunderbolt Go features an aircraft-grade heat-dissipating aluminum design and 11 ports and it looks like a good solution for on-the-go professionals who need connectivity.

Thunderbolt Go Dock Top

The Thunderbolt Go Dock is compatible with any device (Mac, PC, iPad, Chromebook, Android) and ideal for those seeking additional ports and functionality, or faster Ethernet file transfers, notebook charging (90W power delivery), and memory card ingest (2.5 GbE/s). It is equipped with OWC’s Dock Ejector software to safely disconnect multiple drives at once in a single click. It was designed in-house by OWC engineers, and the Dock Ejector ensures all data is written prior to disconnection.

Price & Availability

The OWC Thunderbolt Go Dock is now available for pre-order on OWC.com for $399 USD and will start shipping in April.

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