MarkersExtractor CLI– Marker metadata extraction & conversion tool for Final Cut Pro

Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 9 12 49 AM

MarkersExtractor CLI is a marker metadata extraction and conversion tool for Final Cut Pro.

It allows you to:

  • Accurately extract Markers from FCP’s FCPXML/FCPXMLD to CSV (additional formats coming in future)
  • Ability to batch extract and render stills or animated GIFs based on each marker’s timecode
  • Ability to batch burn-in labels of each marker’s metadata onto the stills or animated GIFs
  • Ability to export stills from the color grade on the timeline

The tool’s main intent is to create VFX and editorial databases (Notion or Airtable) with ease.

The developers are currently looking for testers.

Stable releases will be available once development is out of alpha. While this is still in development it looks like an interesting piece of open-source software that Final Cut Pro users will be able to take advantage of in the future.

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