Canon C200 Price Drop

Bright Tangerine C200 Left Field Cage Cinema setup 2

The Canon C200, which was announced in 2017 has had another price drop. You can now purchase the camera for $3,499 USD. This is a drop of $2,000 USD from the previously listed price.

Screenshot 2023 01 03 at 2 11 43 PM

Yes, the C200 is now almost 6 years old, but it’s still a capable camera, especially with its ability to record Cinema RAW Lite.

The C200 can also be bought in various kits as well with the same $2,000 USD price drop:

Screenshot 2023 01 03 at 2 15 58 PM

The Canon EOS C200B Cinema Camera (Body Only) (EF-Mount) has also been reduced by $1,500 USD to $2,499 USD.

Screenshot 2023 01 03 at 2 07 16 PM
The price drop back in 2019

This isn’t the first time Canon has reduced the price of the C200. Back in July 2019, Canon dropped the price by $1,000 USD to $5,499 USD.

Even with the big price drop and capabilities to still be used in 2023, it will be a tough sell to move these cameras given the competition that now exists.

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