SWIT MINO-S70 & MINO-S210 Batteries

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SWIT has released its new MINO-S70 Pocket Battery and the larger capacity MINO-S210. Both batteries now join the MINO-S140 that was announced earlier in the year.

According to SWIT these batteries are incredibly compact and offer 40% more capacity than comparable batteries in their class. They also support USB-C fast charging which is very handy if you travel a lot.

Key features

  • Two new options of 70Wh and 210Wh
  • Ultra-small size, suitable for RED V-RAPTOR cameras
  • Camera digital power display
  • USB-C input and output (MINO-S70 35W IN/65W OUT; MINO-S210 48W IN/65W OUT)
  • MINO-S210 has 200W output, which makes it suitable for powering some lights


The 70Wh MINO-S70 is an ultra-compact V-mount battery, which has a size almost equal to that of most 50Wh batteries on the market. It is suitable for powering cameras (especially if you a traveling light) or for running equipment such as monitors, recorders, image transmission systems, and other professional equipment. As it has a USB-C output you can also use it as a power bank to power mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

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The MINO-S70 complies with RED V-Raptor’s battery size restrictions, and its flat design and 419g (0.9lbs) weight make it ideal for gimbal use.


The MINO-S210 utilizes the top GA cells and it was designed to provide a great balance of capacity and performance all in a compact size.

MINO S210vsPB S220S

Above you can see how much smaller it is when compared to the SWIT PB-S220S.

Screenshot 2022 12 14 at 1 29 43 PM

The MINO-S210 is the largest capacity battery that can be used by the V-Raptor without accessories.

USB-C high-speed charging protocol

Built using wire-free internal tech, the MINO series batteries are not only compact and lightweight but they also offer support for USB-C charging.

The batteries are also equipped with advanced safety features such as overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection, ensuring that they are safe to use in any situation. The MINO series batteries also support bi-directional communication, allowing users to monitor their battery status in real-time.

Price & Availability

Below are the prices for the MIN0-S70 and the MINO S-210.

The MINO-S70 and S210 are already available to pre-order at dealers.

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