Deity TC-SL1 New Firmware v1.2 Released

Deity TC SL1 thumbnail

Deity today released new v1.2 firmware for the TC-SL1 that fixes a few bugs and adds new and improved features. The full list is below.

TC-SL1 New Firmware v1.2

  • Unlock Method Changed; Now, users will need to triple-tap the navigation dial to unlock. This matches the unlock method of the TC-1 and should make it harder for the slate to become unlocked accidentally.
  • Brightness High/Low Shortcut; The tailsticks switch now can be turned into a brightness shortcut switch.To enable: System Settings > Switch > (Tailsticks/Brightness)
    1. High Setting – UP=6 & Down=0
    1. Low Setting – UP=2 & Down=3
  • Sidus Audio Update; You can now change the brightness in the settings menu. You can also quickly change the brightness by clicking on the 3 dots for the device on the Home Screen.
  •  Sidus Audio Update; a TC-SL1 running V1.2 with a battery remaining time of more than 24 hours will now be displayed as 1d+. It will still show specific hours when the battery life is below 24 hours
  • Sidus Audio Update; TC-SL1 running V1.2 will now display the previous clap on it’s device overview screen.
  • General bug fixes

The v1.2 firmware is available now on Deity’s website.

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