Aputure LS 1200 4-Light Bracket

The Aputure LS 1200 4-Light Bracket is designed to hold four LS 1200 in a single frame. The frame is built with heavy-duty aluminum. It’s designed for filmmakers and lighting technicians who want a single frame for an ultrahigh-powered lighting setup.

The bracket, combined with four LS 1200d Pro fixtures, can put out up to 4800W of directional daylight-balanced light.

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You can choose between a wider spread of light or a high-intensity push in a single direction with the frame’s versatile pan-tilt adjustment. Its dual heavy-duty rosette locks allow panning and tilting of the entire fixture, and the four junior pin receivers offer independent positioning of each lamp head.
The bracket is also compatible with other fixtures with junior mounting pins.

4-Light Bracket Main Features

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  • Supports Up to 4 LS 1200d Pro Lamp Heads Mounted on a Single Frame
  • Achieves 4800W of Light Output with 1200d Pro
  • 4 Junior Pin Receivers (28mm / 1.125in) Compatible With Any Fixtures With Junior Mounting Pins
  • Junior Mounting Pin (28mm / 1.125in) Compatible With Stands and Rigging Hardware With Junior Pin Mounting Receivers
  • Independent Pan/Tilt Adjustment For Each Lamp to Light From Various Angles and Directions
  • Dual Heavy-Duty Rosette Yoke to Support Heavy Lights
  • Durable Aluminum Build With Reinforced Corners

Price and Availability

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The 4-Light Bracket retails for $2400. Yes, it’s expensive, but I’m willing to bet it’s built like a tank to support the weight of four 20 lb fixtures.

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