SWIT 420WH 28.8V 500W V-Mount Battery & Battery Adaptors for High Powered Lights

HB C420S

SWIT has announced new lighting power solutions, including 420WH 28.8V 500W V-mount battery and battery adaptors.

HB-C420S 420WH 28.8V 500W V-mount battery

Earlier in the year, SWIT launched the PB-C420S, which is the largest capacity V-mount battery on the market. However, because it runs at 14.4V/250W, this isn’t enough to power some high-power draw lights. This is why SWIT has announced the HB-C420S 28.8V high-voltage 420Wh V-mount battery, which is suitable for running high power draw fixtures.

HB C420S on Aputure 600C PRO

The HB-C420S has a peak power of 650W. Even with only 1% capacity, it still has a minimum output power of 500W. For some lighting products with V-mount plates, such as Aputure LS 600c Pro, you can run the light at 100% brightness utilizing two HB-C420S batteries.

Screen Shot 2022 12 07 at 23 08 32

Key features

  • 22-33.6V high voltage and 420Wh large capacity
  • Constant 500W high power (Peak 650W), specially designed for lighting
  • Modular design for easy maintenance, repair and recycle
  • Many structures such as electrodes are made of flame-retardant materials, which are safe and reliable
  • Support 33.6V 100W fast charging (SWIT PC-P461S)
  • TD-R230 and S-7250S can provide power supply solutions for most LED cine lights
Screen Shot 2022 12 07 at 23 05 51

The HB-C420S features a white housing design. You may be asking why white? Well, SWIT has done this purposely so that you don’t confuse it with the standard 14.4V version because you don’t want to use the battery on any device that doesn’t support a 22-33.6V input.

The HB-C420S weighs 2.07kg / 4.56 lbs and it consists of 24 Li-ion cells.

HB C420S 2

The inside of the HB-C420S features a modular structure, and the batteries are protected by a bracket. This is done to protect the battery from impact damage. The whole structure, including the electrode, is made of flame-retardant materials to avoid any risk of burning. The modular battery pack is also easy to repair and replace.

PC P461SHB C420S

When aired with a SWIT four-channel high-speed charger, the HB-C420S supports 33.6V 100W high-voltage high-speed charging. This allows the batteries to be charged to 80% in 3.9 hours and fully charged in 5.3 hours.

TD-R230S & S-7250S

SWIT has also launched two new battery adapters, the S-7250 with a single V-mount channel, and the TD-R230S dual-v-mount channel TD-R230S which both support a 48V constant voltage output.

S 7250S

The S-7250S can utilize the full 500W of the HB-C420S, and it provides a Neutrik SpeakOn DC output, which can be directly connected to the light. The S-7250S will also work with any V-mount battery.

In addition to having the same DC port as the S-7250S, the dual-v-mount channel TD-R230S also has a 48V constant voltage conversion module inside. This means you can use two HB-C420S batteries to provide stable 48V 750W through a 3-pin XLR output. This will cover the DC power supply requirements of most lights such as the Aputure LS 600 series, Nanlite 720/720B, Prolycht Orion 675 FS, Creamsourve Vortex8, etc.

Power solutions

The HB-C420S provides a lighter and more flexible power supply solution than using block Batteries. The batteries can be charged and maintained like other V-mount batteries, with a significantly lower cost.

Price & Availability

The HB-C420S & S-7250S are available for pre-order now, and the TD-R230 will be shipped in the second quarter of 2023.

Below are the prices:

  • HB-C420S   $799 USD
  • TD-R230     $799 USD
  • S-7250S      $199 USD

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