ARRI Orbiter Glass Cover

The Orbiter Glass Cover is a small, compact, and lightweight optical accessory for the ARRI Orbiter. With its ultra-translucent glass, the Glass Cover allows for full, unrestricted light output without impacting color temperature or quality.

It is ideal for near-distance applications with limited available space where much light is needed. The QLM (Quick Lighting Mount) innovation in Orbiter allows for the optic to be mounted effortlessly to the fixture.

Screenshot 2022 11 19 at 7 07 40 PM

The Orbiter Glass cover unleashes the full, unrestricted output of the Orbiter.

Key features

  • Ultra-translucent glass allows for light to pass through without impacting color temperature or quality
  • Very minimal output loss
  • 80° beam angle and single hard shadow
  • QLM allows quick and easy mount onto the Orbiter
  • Simultaneous protection of the Orbiter’s light engine (- can be used instead of transport cap cover)
Screenshot 2022 11 19 at 7 04 34 PM

Price & Availability

The ARRI Orbiter Glass Cover is now available for $175 USD.

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