LensKit App now shows Netflix Approved Formats & Resolutions

Screenshot 2022 11 14 at 4 01 34 PM

LensKit has worked directly with Netflix so that the app will tell you exactly what formats and resolutions are approved so you don’t have to decipher the opaque 4K mandate. This is especially helpful for shooting anamorphic.

This is a great way of checking what resolutions and formats are Netflix approved, but you should also always refer to the official Netflix regulations page to get more detailed information.

Version1.3 of LensKit also added the following:

Screenshot 2022 11 14 at 11 29 13 PM

Now, unfortunately, if you want to see if your camera is Netflix approved then it’s $2.99 USD/month or $49.99 USD for lifetime access. I can understand developers charging for additional features, but when you are adding information that is already available on the Netflix site for free, the cost may not be worth it for a lot of people.

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