Deity V-Mic D4– An affordable $99 Mic for cams and streaming

The Deity V-Mic D4 is a high-quality, affordable microphone that captures directional audio and rejects sounds coming from off-camera.

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The D4 uses Deity’s new offset shock mount that helps minimize handling noise.

The side-mounted USB-C output jack works great with a hybrid/DSLR camera or connects their mic to a PC for podcasting/streaming.

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The V-Mic D4 also includes a new, upgraded foam pop filter with a reinforced rubber support backing plate. This gives the foam the strength it needs to support the included fur deadcat. 

What’s In The Box

• V-Mic D4
• Deity V-Mic Shockmount
• Foam Pop Filter
• Fur Deadcat
• USB-C to USB-C Cable
• USB-C to TRRS Cable
• USB-C to TRRS Cable (Sony Compatible)
• 1/4” to 3/8” Thread Adapter
• 1x AAA Battery

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V-Mic D4 Key features

  • 60 Hours of Battery Life
  • Automatically Turns On When Camera Turns On
  • Professional Sound Quality
  • Compatible with Cameras, Recorders, Smartphones, Laptops, and Tablets
  • Step-less Gain Knob; -5dB to +10dB
  • Supports USB-C Digital Output for PCs 

The V-Mic D4 has a -5dB to +10dB gain knob, the V-Mic D4 makes dialing in your sound levels. Now when you’re filming, and the action gets loud, you can smoothly fade into a -5dB pad to ensure you capture great-sounding audio.

The D4 automatically detects when it’s plugged in and turns itself on and off accordingly.

Smart Port 2.0

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The V-Mic D4 features Deity’s newest Smart Port 2.0™️ technology that allows it to adapt to more devices than any Deity video microphone prior. Smart Port 2.0™️ is a digital/analog hybrid output that works with both 3.5mm mic jacks or USB digital ports on laptops and smartphones.

A shockmount is something needed to prevent handling noise. The new microphone features a 1/4″ and 3/8″ mounting solution, so you can take the microphone off your camera and onto put it on a boom pole or stand.

Sliding shock mount rails are also a cold shoe mount. Now you can mount your micro transmitters to your microphone to allow for a wireless boom setup. Compatible with the DJI Mic, RODE Wireless Go 2, Deity Pocket Wireless, and many more.


Transducer PrinciplePre-Polarized Condenser
Polar PatternSupercardioid
Frequency Response50Hz – 20KHz
Sensitivity-42 ~ -22dB —re 1V/Pa @1KHz
Signal-to-Noise RatioMax 82dB
Maximum SPL130dB SPL
Dynamic Range114dB
Operating Voltage1.2V-1.5V AAA Battery
Output ConnectionUSB-C
Fur WindscreenIncluded
Weight55g(Mic) / 91g(Fully rigged)
Temperature Range-10C ~ +70℃

The Deity V-Mic D4 looks to be a good affordable microphone option that isn’t a one-trick pony. At $99 it’s a good option to look at if your budget is tight.

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