Avid MBOX Studio Desktop

Avid’s new MBOX Studio Desktop is a 21 x 22 USB-C interface that features a wide array of flexible input and output options, and seamless integration with the included Pro Tools Studio software subscription.

The MBOX Studio Desktop is suited to a wide range of studio applications such as when working with vocals, mixing audio, and creating podcasts.

Key features

  • Producers, Artists, and Content Creators
  • USB-C for Computer Connectivity
  • 4 Variable Z Mic Preamps (2 with Hi-Z)
  • Main & Alt Monitor Outs, 2 Headphone Out
  • 24-Bit / 192 kHz AD/DA Conversion
  • External PSU / Mac & Windows Compatible
  • 2 Hi-Z / Line Out FX Loops, 1 Reamp Out
  • Bluetooth I/O, Digital I/O & MIDI I/O
  • Monitor Control, Loopback & Talkback
  • Pro Tools, Sibelius, Plug-Ins & Samples
MBOX Studio Desktop
MBOX Studio Desktop


Below you can see what connectivity the MBOX Studio Desktop has:

21 Input Channels

  • 4 channels of mic/line inputs (two with Hi-Z)
  • 2 line inputs
  • 2 FX returns
  • 8-channel ADAT
  • 2-channel S/PDIF
  • 2-channel Bluetooth
  • 1 onboard talkback mic

22 Output Channels

  • 4 channels of monitor outs (two stereo pairs)
  • 4 channels of headphone outs (two stereo pairs)
  • 2 FX sends
  • 8-channel ADAT
  • 2-channel S/PDIF
  • 2-channel Bluetooth

The MBOX Studio provides eight analog inputs, however, you can also expand your setup with eight additional inputs if you connect an outboard preamp to the ADAT optical digital input. The preamps on the four combo TRS/XLR inputs provide up to 59 dB of gain and offer variable impedance settings. As far as outputs are concerned, there are four line outputs for monitors and a pair of independent headphone jacks with volume controls offering options for customized monitor mixes. An FX send and return loop also lets you integrate outboard effects.

The 24-bit MBOX Studio supports sampling rates up to 192 kHz when you’re running 10 inputs and 10 outputs at once. With all 21 inputs and 22 outputs operating simultaneously, the maximum sampling rate is 96 kHz. A pair of standard 5-pin DIN ports supply MIDI sync and control for external electronic instruments and MIDI is also available over the USB-C connector.


The left side controls your input section and you can indent the large encoder knob on this side to select an input channel, then dial in the appropriate amount of gain. Dedicated buttons above the encoder allow you to select the input type, adjust impedance settings, turn on phantom power, engage the wireless Bluetooth input, and link channels. A 13-segment indicator above each encoder displays current parameter settings, while 9-segment meters show you incoming signal levels and the stereo output level.

The monitoring controls on the right side let you indent the large encoder to select the output, then use it to adjust the level. Buttons are provided to mute or dim the outputs, sum to mono, and link the main and alternate outputs to avoid sudden volume jumps when switching between monitors. The talkback button activates the built-in talkback mic, which can be routed to your DAW for recording. The Bluetooth button lets you send the output wirelessly to compatible devices, and the MBOX Studio has two Bluetooth chips, allowing you to connect to one device as an input source and a second device for monitoring and recording.

In the center section, there are four dual-function user-action buttons that you can use for one-touch recall of MBOX Control presets with EQ, gain, and routing settings. Additional MBOX and Pro Tools functions can also be accessed here. Assigning these buttons is done in the MBOX Control software for your Mac or Windows computer. Podcasters can utilize loopback capabilities that allow you to record an incoming caller, music, or bit of video dialog back to your computer.

MBOX Ignition Pack

MBOX Studio includes the MBOX Ignition Pack, a plug-in bundle that includes a wide variety of useful sound sculpting tools:

  • bx_Megadual (Mesa Boogie emulation)
  • Ampeg SVT-VR Classic (Ampeg emulation)
  • ADA Flanger (A/DA Flanger emulation)
  • BX_Bluechorus2 (Boss CE-2 Chorus emulation)
  • BX_Greenscreamer (Ibanez Tube Screamer emulation)
  • BX_Console N (Neve console channel strip emulation)
  • BX_Opto Compressor (all-around compressor emulation)
  • Baby Audio “Vibe Box”―special MBOX STUDIO edition, only available with MBOX Studio purchase
  • Gauge Lush Vox (parallel compressor and processor)
  • StudioLinked Trophies (virtual instrument)
  • BPM Create―MBOX Producer Toolkit

You also get a 1-year subscriptions to Sibelius Artist music composer software and the Pro Tools Studio DAW, which gives you up to 512 audio tracks and over 1,000 MIDI tracks. It will also work with all third-party DAWs.

Price & Availability

The Avid MBOX Studio Desktop is now available to pre-order for $899 USD.

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