OCTOPUS RAW Player– A free lightweight multi-platform RAW video player

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OCTOPUS RAW Player is a RAW video player for reviewing RAW video footage from professional cameras. Currently, the player only supports CinemaDNG RAW .dng sequences.

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While this is a little limiting, this is a free piece of softawre and if you own some of the older cameras like a Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K or a Sigms fp then it is worth downloading.

Key features

  • Modern minimal interface
  • Efficient real-time CinemaDNG playback for 8,12,14-bit bayer or monochrome, uncompressed or lossless compressed .dng sequences.
  • Professional RAW controls (White balance, exposure)
  • Advanced color science control (Highlight recovery/roll-off, SDR Tone-Mapping)
  • Timecode and metadata display
  • Support for real-time 8K playback


Currently, the OCTOPUS RAW Player supports playback of CinemaDNG (.dng) sequences. To open a sequence, either drag the folder containing .dng files or a single .dng frame file into the player window. Alternatively, .dng sequences can be opened explicitly under the “File…Open CinemaDNG Sequence…” menu and selecting the containing folder of .dng files.

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When a sequence is loaded, the floating playback interface provides controls for standard play/pause/seek and additionally fast and fast-rewind playback speeds. The interface includes the current frame timecode and the clip duration. The timecode also indicates missing or skipped frames by using a red or orange typeface respectively.


When working with CinemaDNG or any raw format, the image needs developing to look normal. Tools for working with RAW can expose control over the developing process. These controls typically include white balance/tint and exposure but can also feature more advanced and creative options. OCTOPUS RAW Player exposes several advanced controls while remaining straight forward to use. All RAW controls are located under the “Clip…” menu which is enabled when a sequence is loaded.


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Highlight recovery enabled (left). Highlight recovery disabled (right)
HIGHLIGHT RECOVERY Toggle this option to choose between simple highlight handling and intelligent estimation/recreation of partially clipped highlight values.

HIGHLIGHT ROLL-OFF allows for fine tuning the saturation curve applied to near clipping values. More roll-off creates a smoother transition from highlights to clipping.

REC. 709 TONE MAPPING The standard Rec. 709 gamma curve limits images to a fairly narrow dynamic range of up to 6/7 stops. Applying tone mapping preserves greater dynamic range by compressing all exposure values non-linearly into the standard Rec. 709 range.

REC. 709 GAMUT COMPRESSION Similar to Rec. 709 tone mapping, gamut compression brings extreme colours outside of the Rec. 709 gamut inside by applying non-linear compression.

OCTOPUS has tested RAW Player with the following cameras:

  • Sigma Fp
  • DJI Xenmuse X5,X5R,X7
  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (Original)
  • Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera
  • Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4K

Below you can see the future roadmap for RAW Player.

Wider CinemaDNG / DNG support
Additional RAW formats
Audio playback

Performance improvements
Proof quality debayer
Export to Apple ProRes / GoPro CineForm

Use the following installer for your platform to install the OCTOPUS RAW Player:

Windows: OCTOPUS-RAW-Player-Windows-1.0.0.msi
macOS: OCTOPUS-RAW-Player-macOS-1.0.0.pkg

Alternatively, the OCTOPUS RAW Player can be used as a portable single file executable without requiring installation:

Windows: OCTOPUS-RAW-Player-Windows-1.0.0.zip
macOS: OCTOPUS-RAW-Player-macOS-1.0.0.dmg

Windows 10 / macOS 10.10 or newer
GPU with support for OpenGL 3.2 or greater (Native Apple Metal API support in progress)

OCTOPUS RAW Player is completely free to use as per the MIT license.

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