Shure UniPlex UL4 Cardioid Lavalier Microphone

Shure has announced its UniPlex UL4 cardioid lavalier subminiature Plex microphone. The UniPlex UL4 features durable, interference-resistant Shure Plex cabling and a directional pick-up pattern.

UniPlex UL4
UniPlex UL4

Shure’s Plex series has been well known among theater and media professionals where clear, intelligible speech is paramount and reliability is critical. The top-tier TwinPlex models are equipped with dual-diaphragm capsules that are claimed to deliver an outstanding dynamic response and can handle SPLs up to 142 dB.

Key features

  • For Speech and Presentation
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • TA4F Connector for Shure Transmitter
  • Unobtrusive 5mm Subminiature Capsule
  • 1.6mm Shure Plex Cable
  • Snap-Fit Windscreen, Single Tie Clip
  • Carrying Case

The DuraPlex series is rated IP57 against dust and moisture ingress.

The UniPlex UL4 lavalier’s cardioid polar pattern picks up less background sound and focuses the audio capture on the wearer.

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At only 5mm, the UL4 still provides a visually discreet, subminiature profile, and a snap-fit windscreen is included. Shure’s Plex cabling features a dual-resistant ground to provide good shielding from interference. The cable is only 1.6mm in diameter and is engineered to resist any memory effects and kinks.

The UniPlex U4 lavalier is available in four color choice, black, cocoa, tan, and white. It comes with a case, windscreen, and tie clip. The mic is available with TA4F or LEMO connectors for use with compatible wireless microphone transmitters. It can also be purchased with an XLR connector.

Price & Availability

The Shure UL4 UniPlex Cardioid Subminiature Lavalier Microphone with a LEMO connector is now available to pre-order for $319 USD. The version with a TAAF connector costs $299 USD.

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