Rotolight announces NEO 3 & AEOS 2 PRO Editions

Rotolight has announced new NEO 3 and AEOS 2 PRO Editions through a Indiegogo campaign.

The new PRO Edition NEO 3 and AEOS 2 lights build on the success of the previous models and they feature numerous new features and additional benefits to enhance the user experience and boost performance. The new versions are essentially the same lights as the normal versions, but with a few additional features.

New features in the PRO editions include:  

Brightness Boost: Up to +25% greater continuous light output than previous models. 

Wireless Flash Trigger Compatibility: Inbuilt Godox, Profoto, Elinchrom, Neewer & Pixapro flash receivers (an industry first), provide ultimate flexibility for photographers wanting to wirelessly integrate Rotolight into existing systems or utilize transmitters they already own with Rotolight’s RGBWW HSS flash capability. Flash in any Kelvin from 3000-10,000, 16.7Million colours or 2500 digital GELS, with zero recycle time.

Masters of Light Preset Packs: Including over 100+ built-in exclusive special effects, GEL and HSI color presets, and accompanying tutorial videos from some of the world’s leading photographers and Emmy-winning filmmakers.

Kelvin Presets (CCT mode): An all-new ‘quick-access’ Kelvin presets in CCT mode giving quick access to preset Kelvin temperatures, including 5600K (daylight), 3200K tungsten, 4600K (midpoint), and 6300K (cloudy daylight).

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Hardware Upgrades: The PRO editions feature solid aluminum dials on NEO 3 and metallic red anodized handles on AEOS 2.  

4 NEW Special FX (SFX): Including ‘Fireworks’, ‘Candle’, ‘Disco’ and ‘Throb’ along with numerous enhancements to many of the existing suite of SFX already found in the standard models.

True Aperture Dimming (FDIM): This mode calculates and displays the light output expressed as an F-stop for a subject at a given distance, ISO, and shutter speed. 

Rotolight has chosen to launch the new PRO Edition lights via Kickstarter in order to provide exclusive early access to the Rotolight user community. Early adopters will receive exclusive discounts and have the ability to order their PRO Edition lights in a variety of options, including multi-light kits and accessory bundles.

The Rotolight NEO 3 and AEOS 2 PRO Edition Kickstarter campaign will go live on the 18th of October 2022. For more information visit rotolight.com/kickstarter 

Price & Availability

Above you can see the prices of the various options that are available.

The new Rotolight AEOS 2 and NEO 3 PRO Editions will be available via Indiegogo from 5pm (BST) on the 18th of October 2022 and will run through until the 18th of November 2022.  Backers will get up to 25% off these before November 18th at rotolight.com/timetogopro

Various bundles are available to back via the campaign, including a NEO 3 PRO Image Maker Kit (NEO 3, diffusion dome, battery, charger, carry case, ball head, cold shoe) at RRP £649/$749 USD.

An AEOS 2 PRO Image Maker Kit (AEOS 2, Diffusion Dome, Yoke, Shoulder Bag, Battery, Charger) is also available for RRP £1799inc/ $1999 USD.

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