Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm T1 MFT Cine Lens

Mitakon has unveiled it’s new Speedmaster 50mm T1 MFT Cine Lens. The 50mm T1 now joins the existing 17mm, 25mm, and 35mm to complete Mitakon’s Cine lens MFT line-up.

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Key features

  • Ultra-fast T1 aperture
  • Professional Cinema Housing
  • Compact & Lightweight design
  • Stepless, Silent Aperture Control
  • Smooth, Long and Precise Focus Throw
  • Low Focus Breathing
  • Manual Focus Design
  • 9 Rounded Blade Aperture
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With the new 50mm T1 being added to the current series of MFT Cine lines, the Micro Four Thirds line-up offers a field of view ranging from 25 to 65 degrees. All the lenses are supposed to have similar characteristics.

The minimum focusing distance is 60cm /23.6” and the lens features a 9-blade aperture.

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The T/1.0 series lenses were designed to suppress the focus breathing to a minimum. They all feature a unified front diameter and gear positions and the internal focus design means the physical size of the lens remains unchanged throughout the entire focus throw. The 50mm T1 weighs 720g.

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Align with all other Mitakon lenses, the 50mm features a durable metallic exterior as well as the engraved marking on the lens housing. A high-quality protective case comes along with the purchase of the bundle set.

Pricing & availability

The new Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm T1 Cine Lens for MFT cameras is available now for $399 USD. The retail price of the bundle with all 4 focal lengths is $1,339 USD.

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