Intellytech Mega-LiteCloth 2.0 Early Bird Black Friday Deal

Intellytech has an early Black Friday deal on the Mega-LiteCloth 2.0 which ends on October 13th. You can buy the light for $1,499 USD which is a discount of $500 USD.

Screenshot 2022 10 12 at 9 23 29 AM

The Mega-LiteCloth 2.0 is a light I have previously reviewed on the site. You can read that review here.

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The Mega-LiteCloth 2.0 is a 300W 3’x4.5′ LED Mat that folds down to a 14″x 16″ x 1″. This unique design allows the user to create broad, bright, natural-looking light that can be set up fast and allows you to travel small.

The Kit comes with a diffuser, grid, mounting bracket (frame), controller w/ attached battery plate (v-mount or gold mount), and carrying case. The entire kit fits into the included carrying case measuring 14″ x 41″ x 12″.

Screenshot 2022 10 12 at 9 32 11 AM

The 2.0 Mega-LC has app control via LiteSync +, beefier click-in connectors between the LED mat & ballast, and a PowerCON Power Cable.

Screenshot 2022 10 12 at 9 32 05 AM

The included Frame uses the same design as our Fast Frames. It simply folds and unfolds into place, requiring no assembly. The LED Mat then attaches via grommets to the Frame. Like the Mat, the Mount also folds down allowing it to pack easily into the carrying case.

When you’re not using the included frame you can mount the 4.4lb LED mat creatively using grommets, Velcro, or gaffer tape.

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