PERGEAR Upgraded CFexpress Type B Cards

PERGEAR has announced new, upgraded CFexpress type B cards. PERGEAR entered the CFexpress Type-B memory card market 2 years ago and now after continuous product testing and gathering user feedback, they came up with a new series of upgraded cards with better performance and faster read and write speeds.

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There are three different versions of the CFexpress Type B cards:



The Ultra cards are available in capacities of 1TB/2TB and they have claimed read speeds of 1600MB/s, and write speeds of 1300MB/s. These cards were designed specifically to have high capacities and to be used with high-resolution and bit-rate cameras.

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The read/write speed has been greatly improved in stable write performance over early versions. 1300MB/s is 3.5 times faster than the older PERGEAR generation 1 card (400MB/s).

These new Ultra cards will support all recording modes of the Nikon Z9, including 8.3K 60p. The cards also come with a 5 year warranty.

The Ultra cards are priced as follows:



The Pro cards are available in capacities of 256GB/512GB. They feature claimed read speeds of 1200MB/s, and write speeds of 360MB/s. These can be used for recording 4K and 8K video, depending on the camera’s requirements.

The Lite cards are priced as follows:


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Available in capacities of 64GB/128GB with write speeds of 200MB/s. These were designed specifically for users who only need to capture HD or 2K, or are only taking photos.

The Lite cards are priced as follows:

What cameras are the cards compatible with?

Above you can see what cards are compatible with what cameras.

How do they compare to other cards?

The Ultra 1TB and 2TB cards are very well priced.

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