Godox Scrim Flag Kits

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The Godox Scrim Flag Kits are available in both (18 x 24″) and (24 x 36″) versions. These look like a nice affordable option if you are looking for a budget-friendly flag kit.

Key features

  • 5 x Collapsible Flag Frames
  • 1- and 2-Stop Silk Screens
  • 1- and 2-Stop Black Net Screens
  • Solid Black Screen, 2 x Fingers: 4 x 14″
  • 2 x Dots: 6″ Diameter

The Scrim Flag Kit from Godox is a comprehensive set of light-shaping tools to help users contour and control the light falling on their subject. The kit includes five foldable frames and five fabrics. The frames are open-ended to thwart distracting shadows.

The kit also provides 1- and 2-stop silk screens for subtle diffusion, and 1- and 2-stop black nets to reduce light intensity and add a slight bit of contrast. Godox additionally provides a solid black fabric to be used to block or flag off unwanted light. For tabletop work or small objects, the kit also contains a 6″ diameter solid black and a black net dot, as well as a 4 x 14″ solid black and a black net finger.

Everything fits in a carry case that reveals the screen’s color code for easy selection.

Black Single Net and Black Double Net Screens
The black single and double net screens can be used to control highlights falling on the subject and alter the overall contrast.

1-Stop Silk Screen
The 1-stop silk screen provides moderate diffusion, lowers contrast, and opens up shadows while still retaining some snap.

2-Stop Silk Screen
The 2-stop silk screen offers pronounced diffusion for a noticeably soft look.

Solid Black Blocking Fabric
The solid black fabric is perfect for blocking unwanted light from your subject or creating shadows.

Fingers and Dots
The dots and fingers in black net and solid fabrics allow you to shape light, just like the larger flag and screens, but on a smaller scale for work such as tabletop imaging.

Price & Availability

The Godox Scrim Flag Kits are now available for the following prices:

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