Tokina Cinema Vista 114mm Aluminum Front Lens Caps

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Tokina Cinema USA has introduced new Vista 114mm aluminum front lens caps. These caps are not a statement of the quality of the lens caps included with the lenses, they are simply an accessory to improve it.

These Tokina Cinema USA lens caps are claimed to offer a slightly better fit than the standard ones that ship with the lenses. They are engraved and labeled so you can quickly and easily identify your lenses on-set.

The 114mm outer diameter slip-on rubber caps come complete with aluminum labels anodized in official silver and blue colors. Each aluminum labeled cap uses an industrial-grade 3M adhesive back for a guaranteed bond to withstand any condition; hot or cold.

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The lens caps are available for all 12 Vista prime focal lengths – 18, 21, 25, 29, 35, 40, 50, 65, 85, 105, 135, and 180mm.

Price & Availability

The Tokina Cinema Vista 114mm Aluminum Front Lens Caps are now available to order for $89 USD each.

These caps are only being offered by Tokina Cinema USA and not Tokina Cinema Japan.

Yes, this is fairly expensive for a lens cap, and they aren’t going to be for everyone. The standard lens caps work well; you can just use some tape and a marker to label your lenses. However, if you are investing a sizeable amount of money for a set of lenses, then you may well be able to justify the additional cost and better build quality that the aluminum options offer. Plus, they look pretty darn cool.

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