HEDEN M21VE-L 256 Lens Motor with Dual-Pin Hub

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The HEDEN M21VE-L 256 Lens Motor with Dual-Pin Hub is a powerful and lightweight motor that was designed to be used on stabilizers, drones, and gimbals. The motor weighs 4.78 oz / 133.2g.

Key features

  • Compact Design Ideal for Gimbals/Drones
  • For HEDEN YMER/CARAT Lens Controllers
  • For Preston & FREEFLY MōVI Systems
  • 19mm Rod Bracket with 15mm Insert
  • 0.8 MOD Gear Attaches to Either Side
  • Optional 0.4/0.5/0.6 MOD Gears
  • 1.0 Nm Torque

The M21VE-L 256 is Compatible with HEDEN YMER, HEDEN CARAT, Preston, and FREEFLY MOVI lens control systems. It features a 7-pin 0B LEMO port that utilizes smaller, lightweight cables to connect to the controller. It also comes with a dual-pin hub and a snap-on gear with a dual-pin locking mechanism for added reliability.

The M21VE-L 256 mounts vertically on an optional 19mm rod without the need for tools, and you can also mount it on an optional 15mm rod using the included 15mm insert. The unit also comes with a 0.8 MOD gear that can be mounted on either side with optional 0.4, 0.5, and 0.6 modules available separately, and it has a 1.0 Nm torque

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  • Height (body): 28mm/1.10” (Body with gear housing): 34mm/1.33”
  • Width: 21mm/0.83”
  • Length: 106,5mm/4.19”
  • Weight (without bracket and gears): 135,5gr/ 4.78 oz
  • Torque: 1.0 Nm
  • Connector: LEMO 7 pin connector


  • Hedén M21VE-L Motor
  • 0.8 gear module
  • Bracket with 19mm to 15mm (0.75” to 0.59”) reduction insert
  • Configurations:

Compatible with

  • Hedén Carat
  • Heden Ymer
  • Preston,
  • Bartech
  • FreeFly MōVI

Price & Availability

The HEDEN M21VE-L 256 Lens Motor with Dual-Pin Hub is now available for $2,090 USD.

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