Aputure Light Box 45×45 & amaran Handheld Bracket

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Aputure has released several softboxes over time, and these new ones are particularly nice. The new Aputure Light Box 45×45 is a nice size and comes with two diffusion strengths plus a grid to control spill and direct the soft source. All for only $59.

I use softbox’s a lot. They are pretty fast to set up and don’t take up as much room as a 4×4 frame with diffusion. Yes, the separate frame and light have more options and tend to be softer, but it takes up more space and more time and gear to set up. The softbox is a great alternative.


Aputure states the Light Box 45×45 is optimized for use with smaller fixtures that use the Bowens mount, including the amaran COB 60, 100, and 200 series, or even the LS 300d Mark II and LS 300x lights. It is not recommended to pair the Light Box 45×45 with higher output lights than the LS 300 series, as the larger output would produce too much heat. This is due to the Light Box 45×45’s compact front aperture of 45x45cm.

What’s Included

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The kit includes the Light Box 45×45, Bowens Mount, 1.5 and 2.5 stop front diffusion, 45° beam angle grid, and a storage bag. The kit lays nice and flat for easy storage and transporting in cases.


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The dimensions of the Light Box 45×45 are, as the name implies, 45x45cm or 1.5’x1.5′. At 1.5′ in-depth, this makes the light softer since the light source is farther away from the front of the diffusion. I like this size. Many shallow soft boxes won’t give you the softness that you might want. It will help, but I feel 1.5′ is the minimum for best results.

The size is a bit larger than most 1×1 LED panel soft boxes making it convenient and familiar if you have used them. I like the size. I use Litepanel ASTRA 1×1 fixtures at work with DoP Choice boxes. It’s a good combo. While the output of the amaran COB 60 isn’t as high as the 105-watt draw of the ASTRA, an amaran 100 or 200 will get in that range at a fraction of the price. Again, Aputure doesn’t recommend using the Light Box 45×45 with a fixture more than the 300-watt LS 300d Mark II, and LS 300x lights as they would produce too much heat.

4-Rod Design


the Light Box 45×45 does not have the quick-setup design like the larger Light Dome series. It uses a 4-rod system that is simple and quick to set up. This also enables the Light Box to be broken down and packed flat into its included carrying bag.

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The Light Box 45×45 comes with two densities of diffusion. A standard 1.5 stop and heavier 2.5 stop. No inner baffle is needed.

Lighting On The Go with the amaran Handheld Bracket

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For walk-and-talk style shooting where the subject is moving, it’s great to have a way to hold the light comfortably. The new grip has a V-Lock mount that enables you to attach a battery to the handle, and with the use of a D-Tap to locking DC plug, it powers the light. Add on the Light Box 45×45, and you have a nice run and gun set up.

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The Handheld Bracket is designed for the amaran COB 60. It attaches to the fixture with a 1/4 20″ screw and two locating pins to prevent twisting.

The Handheld Bracket is lightweight with a sturdy construction of 0.3kg (0.66lbs). The power cable is not included. Users must use a compatible D-Tap to 5.5mm DC Barrel Power Cable to power the COB 60 Lights using V-Mount Batteries.

Pricing and Availability

The Light Box 45×45 retails for $59 and will be available for shipping worldwide beginning September 22nd, 2022.

The amaran Handheld Bracket retails for $40, and the D-Tap to 5.5mm DC Barrel Power Cable is $10.

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