Nanlite FS-60B

Nanlite has announced its new FS-60B. The FS-60B is a 70W Bicolor LED Spotlight with a CCT range of 2700K-6500K, and it features an all-in-one design.

FS 60B Launch Poster for IG Post after 8PM Beijing Time on Sept 21st

Key features

  • Bi-color spotlight with a wide CCT range of 2,700K to6,500K
  • The light weights 850g
  • Compact size 247×134×87mm
  • 70W power draw
  • 13,360 lux @1M with reflector (5600K)
  • Two output modes available–both constant and maximum modes
  • Average CRI of 96 and average TLCI of 97
  • FM Mount Ecosystem & Bowens mount shaping tools compatible
  • 12 Built-in customizable practical effects
  • Multiple control methods: on-board, 2.4G, Bluetooth, NANLINK APP
FS 60B PC 03 1

The compact FS-60B weighs 850g and it was designed as an entry-level lighting fixture with easy-to-use controls.

According to Nanlite, the quality of the FS-60B is on par with other Nanlite fixtures even though it was developed for entry-level shooters. It has a claimed CRI of 96 and a TLCI of 97.

Screen Shot 2022 09 21 at 21 22 53

The light features a Maximum Output Mode and Constant Output Mode
and Nanlite claims that there isn’t any CCT shift from 2700K-6500K in either mode.

Screen Shot 2022 09 21 at 21 13 17

Nanlite claims that the fixture has an output of 13,360 lux @1M with reflector when used at 5600K.

The FS-60B features Nanlite’s FM Mount, although it also comes with a Bowens mount adapter. There is an in-built umbrella mount. As far as control is concerned you can make changes on the body itself, or through 2.4G and Bluetooth.


FS 60B pc en

The Nanlite FS-60B retails for $179 and is available for preorder.

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