Tilta CFexpress Type A to M.2 Side Storage Handle

TA SSH CFA M2 lifestyle3 legacy2 3835x2160 1

Tilta has developed a crafty side storage handle for select Sony mirrorless cameras. The Tilta CFexpress Type A to M.2 Side Storage Handle utilizes a high-performance 512GB SSD in place of a CFexpress Type A card, built right into the handle.

TA SSH CFA M2 lifestyle1 legacy2 3835x2160 1

The handle is compatible with the Sony A1, A7S3, A7M4, and FX3 Cameras and Tilta cages. The L-shaped custom fit design allows for easy battery swaps, and the Arca Swiss base creates a highly integrated standard.

The handle is anti-slip with silicone cushioning. Recording is indicated by a green tally light. A wrist strap allows for secure and safe camera operation.


[COMPATIBILITY] – Sony A1, A7S3, A7M4, FX3 Cameras, and Tilta Cages
[PROTECTIVE ARMOR] – Minimizes wear and tear of handgrip
[HIGH CAPACITY] – 512GB M.2 SSD storage, 700MB/s write speed
[INTELLIGENT DESIGN] – L-shaped and Arca Swiss Base
[ANTI-SLIP] – Silicone Cushioning

The CFexpress Type A connector uses a ductile material cable to guarantee stable data transfer. The built-in Type-C reader supports USB3.2 Gen2 20Gbps data transfer. The internal M.2 SSD has a 700 M/S write speed.

TA SSH CFA M2 lifestyle2 legacy2 3835x2160 1

Performance & Price Comparison with SD & CFE-A Memory Cards

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What’s Included

  • Tilta CFexpress Type A to M.2 Side Storage Handle
  • Slotted Screwdriver(4.01.TA-T22-044.00)
  • Tiltaing Wrist Strap for Right Side Advanced Focus Handle(9.99.TA-ARH-WS.01)
  • 3mm Hex Key

I think this is a very clever design, but one drawback is if you fill the SSD up, you will have to take the grip off and use a media card. Granted, 512 GB is a lot of storage, so for most users, I don’t see this as a big issue. It really depends on how you use the camera. I do like to swap out cards and offload them and go back to work again.

Pricing and Availability

The Tilta CFexpress Type A to M.2 Side Storage Handle retails for $750. However, you can save 10% and pay $675 until Oct 4th.

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