Sony FX9 Ver.4.0 firmware coming in October

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Sony will release the new Ver.4.0 firmware upgrade for the FX9 in October. This free upgrade adds enhanced support for C3 Portal allowing LUT files to be imported into the camera directly from the cloud without the need for an SD Card.

This is not a huge update, but any update that adds extra functionality is always welcome. The last update for the FX9 (Ver.3.0) came back in October 2021.

Sony FX9 Newsshooter at IBC 2019

Sony says that based on ongoing discussions with content creators, the FX9 will gain significant new capabilities through firmware updates.

Ver.4.0 upgrade

Adds the following enhancements to the C3 Portal cloud service interface: same as FX6 V3
– LUT File Import to Camera from Cloud
– ALL File Import to Camera / Export to Cloud
– High-res Files Automatic Upload

Workflow Improvement
– LUT Data Saving to Memory Card

– Audio Level Meter Indicator Switching (Ch1.2 <-> Ch3.4)
– Assign Audio Monitor Selection to Assignable buttons
– Slow & Quick Motion and Proxy Recording (Proxy Recording mode not forcibly set to Off)
– Assignable Buttons LED lamp On / Off mode

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