Maxima 3– high output, compact, single-point LED lighting source

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The Maxima 3 which I first reported on back in April 2021 is finally shipping.

Dutch lighting company Maxima makes the Maxima 3, but they also have facilities in Italy. The Maxima 3 is a 300W high output, compact, single-point LED lighting source.

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The fixture is available in either 5600K or 3200K versions.

The Maxima 3 is being touted as the ultimate all-in-one fixture. It draws 300W, and weighs 4.3kg (9.47 lb) without the Fresnel lens, and 5.4 kg (11.9 lb) with the Fresnel lens. It has no external power supply or control unit, all you do is plug it in and it is ready to go.

The Maxima 3 utilizes an 8″ borosilicate Fresnel lens with a pump-action focusing system. the beam angle is adjustable from 15° to 60°. You can remove the Fresnel lens if you want to use the light open face. The fixture utilizes an S-mount so there are a wide array of existing light modifiers you could use with it.

The light has a single-piece carbon-reinforced body and it is matte black so you won’t get any unwanted reflections.

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Every Maxima component is designed, engineered, and assembled in Italy. Maxima also offers a 3-years warranty that covers both the electronics and the body.

The Maxima 3 also uses a patent-pending copper heatsink that is claimed to provide a 40% more efficient luminous performance compared to aluminum heatsinks that are used by standard LED lamps. 

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The fixture features analog controls for the essential functions and other more advanced features are accessible via the iOS or Android app.

The Maxima 3 is powered by an ARM Cortex-M7 processor running at up to 216 MHz.

The Maxima 3 can operate in three modes:


In silent mode, Maxima 3 operates in the 10-160 W range and emits only 19dBa of noise. This is the best mode when silent operation is of paramount importance.


In regular mode, the Maxima 3 operates in the 20-240 W range and emits only 26dBa of noise. This is the most balanced ratio between luminous output and noise.


In boost mode, the Maxima 3 operates at its full power between 200-310W for those scenarios where audio is not being recorded or Maxima is placed far from the scene.

Claimed Output & Photometrics

Maxima claims the fixture has an output of 156,000lx at 1m when using the 15° Fresnel attachment. At a distance of 3m, that figure is claimed to be 18,700lx.

Above you can the claimed photometric data for the fixture.

Full Specifications

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Price & Availability

The Maxima 3 is now available for €2,299. You can also buy it with the Fresnel lens for €2,699.

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There is also a Maxima 3 Desert Edition + Fresnel lens available for €2,999.

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