Wooden Camera Bolt-On Rods

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Wooden Camera Bolt-On Rods are available in multiple lengths and sizes and they can be used for mounting a wide range of accessories to your camera rig.

The Bolt-On Accessory Rods allow users to securely mount accessories such as remote lens motors, and rosettes, to your camera rig utilizing the rods’ locating pins. This is especially handy if you need to mount certain accessories, but don’t want to use a baseplate with integrated rods.

The Bolt-On Accessory Rods attach to your camera via a 3/8-16″ screw with locating pins so that the rods won’t twist, turn, or come loose.

Bolt-On Accessory Rods are available in nine different sizes, with varying diameters, lengths, and mount types. Below you can see what is available:

Screenshot 2022 09 13 at 9 33 52 AM

You can also buy various Wooden Camera Bolt-On Accessory Rod Kits from $112 USD.

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