Godox Knowled MG1200BI

Godox is teasing its upcoming Knowled MG1200BI. The Knowled MG1200BI is a 1200W Bi-color COB spotlight with a new proprietary mount.

Screenshot 2022 09 10 at 4 57 58 PM

The Knowled MG1200BI is CCT adjustable from 2800-6500K. The light has an IP45 rating and it features a separate power supply unit. From the images, it also looks like they are using a quick release system for the yoke frame which ARRI first implemented on its Orbiter and then Nanlux placed on its Evoke 1200/ Evoke 1200B.

Screenshot 2022 09 10 at 5 09 43 PM

The fixture features a new proprietary mount with electronic connectors that can communicate with lighting modifiers that are placed on the front of it. This sounds a lot like what ARRI does with its Orbiter. I guess Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery. I personally much prefer when companies come up with their own technology and unique ways of using a product instead of just copying what others have already done.

Screenshot 2022 09 10 at 5 13 16 PM

There do appear to be both 30-degree and 45-degree reflectors for the Knowled MG1200BI, but there is no other indication of what else may be available.

We have recently seen Nanlux announce its Evoke 1200B and I would expect that Aputure is also working hard on creating a Bi-color or RGBWW version of its 1200 Pro.

Screenshot 2022 09 10 at 5 11 24 PM

There is no indication of pricing or a shipping date just yet. Perhaps, the Godox Knowled MG1200BI will be the first budget-friendly Bi-Color 1200W COB to come on the market.

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