Litepanels Studio X series LED fresnels

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At IBC 2022, Litepanels announced its new Studio X series LED fresnels. The fixtures were created with the help of broadcast lighting professionals Quartzcolor, and they are claimed to deliver high-performance, directional, bright white light with precision spot-to-flood beam control and consistent quality.

Although these lights are being targeted at broadcasters and production studios, there is no reason why they couldn’t also be used for any other type of lighting application.

The Studio X lights feature a COB design and they are available in six sizes:

  • 60W (X2)
  • 100W (X3)
  • 150W (X4)
  • 200W (X5)
  • 300W (X6)
  • 360W (X7)
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Spot-to-flood beam angles and maximum output varies depending on the model. High-efficiency fans are utilized to keep the units cool and silent, while advanced thermal management technology is claimed to ensure lifespans over 50,000 hours.

The most powerful of the lights is the Studio X7 Daylight (5,600K) 360W Fresnel that has a 14” lens with a spot-to-flood beam angle range of 12°-60°. The fixture offers a claimed output of 28,200 lux at 10ft/3m (spot).

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Each X-series light is available in daylight-balanced, tungsten-balanced, or bi-color. All have claimed CRI ratings over 90. Settings and adjustments can be controlled via an onboard control panel or through DMX/RDM.

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Litepanels states that they have no variation in quality at any dimming level from 0-100% or across the adjustable CCT range from 2700K to 6500K.

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All of the lights are available with a standard or pole-operated yoke for mounting. The lights are powered by a built-in universal power supply and they come with an included 10-foot cable. Barndoors also come with each light to direct output and control spill. US versions also provide a fitted gel frame. Separately available light-shaping tools can be added for further refinement including a cone with variable aperture, gel frame, and scrim set.

Why did Litepanels partner with Quartzcolor?

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Litepanels LED panels are installed into leading studio facilities worldwide and customers have been asking for a broadcast quality Bi-Color Fresnel series to pair with them. Quartzcolor are renowned broadcast lighting professionals with robust, market-leading Fresnels installed into some of the largest studios in the world. Their products were selected because they offer a high color accuracy and light quality with matching CCT values that complement our panels to provide a complete studio solution.

Will the Studio X Range replace the Sola & Inca series?

The Sola Daylight Fresnels will remain a part of Litepanel’s product line. The Inca Tungsten Fresnels will be withdrawn from sale.

Price & Availability

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Below you can see the prices for the Bi-color versions:

You can also find the prices for the daylight-only and tungsten-only versions at the links above.


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