intoPIX FastTicoRAW & FastTicoXS (JPEG XS) Codecs optimized for ARM chipsets

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At IBC 2022 intoPIX has announced its new lineup of FastTicoRAW and FastTicoXS (JPEG XS) Codecs that have been optimized for ARM chipsets, including Apple silicon and the M1 chip.

intoPIX ARM SDKs have been specifically optimized for the new processors used by major computer hardware manufacturers including Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. Through these optimizations, software applications, such as Live Production or Editing and including intoPIX codecs, can now deliver the same experience on x86 and ARM-based platforms, regardless of whether you are running on MacBook, desktop PC, servers, or in the Cloud.

The new TicoXS & TicoRAW codecs for ARM are claimed to guarantee impressive speed and performance, even when encoding or decoding 8K video.

In case you weren’t aware, the Nikon Z9 uses a high-efficiency RAW codec for stills that comes from intoPIX. intoPIX also makes a video version of this same RAW codec called TicoRAW. One of the options available is IPX-TicoRAW-8K (up to 8192-pixels width). This is available in 12-bit  and up to 60fps. This is what Nikon is using in the Z9.

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Here is what intoPIX officially said in December last year: The new Z 9 camera offers High-Efficiency RAW recording up to 8K and 60fps (available through the 2022 firmware update), preserving all the benefits of the RAW format, while ensuring very low power processing and very fast transfer speed.

With TicoRAW, the full quality of the captured sensor data is preserved while reducing the bandwidth and the storage needs. It can be used for both Still pictures and RAW movies. This patented technology offers high image quality, and the capability to manage very high resolutions, high frame rates and high dynamic range workflows. TicoRAW is the world’s first RAW codec that can offer compression efficiency with such low complexity. It also has the advantage of retaining this very fast format for editing, regardless of resolution and/or frame rates used.

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