Canon EU-V3 Modular expansion unit for the EOS C500 Mark II & EOS C300 Mark III

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Canon has announced the EU-V3, a modular expansion unit for live production, that is compatible with the EOS C500 Mark II and EOS C300 Mark III.

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With more productions using large format sensor cameras for broadcast, events, and live sports Canon decided to introduce the EU-V3 expansion module as it expands and supports specific functionality for multi-camera and live productions.

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Key features

  • Return SDI Signal Input
  • Remote B (RS-422)
  • Ethernet
  • Tally Signal Support
  • V-mount battery plate (with D-TAP)
  • 12-pin Lens Terminal
  • DC OUT 12V-2A
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The EU-V3 offers an exclusive SDI return feature, allowing real-time monitoring of a live broadcast feed from a production switcher. The return output destination can be selected from the VIDEO, EVF-V50, MON/HDMI and SDI-OUT terminals. The EU-V3 also enables Tally support via Ethernet, using XC protocol – when the extension unit receives a Tally signal, lights on the camera body can be utilized, a Tally On-Screen display is shown, and it can relay the signal to an external device via Hirose 4-pin. Both the SDI Return and Tally functions are essential for informing camera operators of when their camera feed is live and the current status of the production.

The lens focus position can also be displayed on-screen when using the EU-V3 – with compatible broadcast and Cine-Servo lenses via 12-pin communication. The Focus Position Meter, which users can choose to display along the top or right side of the screen, allows users to register multiple focus positions on a distance scale and highlights when focus is achieved during manual operation – such as when selecting the finish line for a race.

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The EU-V3 can be combined with the CN8x15 IAS S E1/P1, on both the EOS C500 Mark II and EOS C300 Mark III.

Price & Availability

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The Canon EU-V3 retails for $2,999 USD and it should be available soon.

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