Blackmagic Design announces four new Ultimatte 12 models

Blackmagic Design has announced four new Ultimatte 12 models that allow you to build photorealistic composites and virtual sets at a very affordable price.

The new Ultimatte 12 is not only a keyer, but it is also an advanced real-time compositing processor designed for the next generation of broadcast graphics. Ultimatte 12 features entirely new algorithms to deliver true photorealistic composites. According to Blackmagic Design, you can get good edge handling, greater color separation, amazing color fidelity and better spill suppression than with previous solutions.

Ultimatte 12 is available in four different models, with HD, Ultra HD, and even native 8K support.

Ultimatte 12 HD Mini
The Ultimatte 12 features HDMI connections so you use the advanced keyer with consumer cameras. You also get full Ultimatte 12 processing and frame stores to create virtual sets at no additional cost.

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The unique Ultimatte 12 HD Mini model has a special feature that allows the conversion of SDI camera control to HDMI. This means an ATEM SDI switcher can control a HDMI connected Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. All ATEM switchers send camera control over SDI, and this Ultimatte model can translate it to HDMI for the camera. Just connect SDI from the Ultimatte out to the switcher input, the switcher program out to the Ultimatte SDI input, and then the HDMI connects to the camera. Now add a camera number in the Ultimatte utility to get control of the camera color corrector, tally and even remote record trigger. Plus you also get camera control with HDMI when used with switchers such as ATEM Mini.

Ultimatte 12 HD
The Ultimatte 12 HD is an advanced chroma keyer in an affordable HD model. Full Ultimatte 12 quality processing gives you next-generation edge handling, good color separation, and better spill suppression.

Ultimatte 12 4K
The Ultimatte 12 4K is an advanced chroma keyer with 12G-SDI connections for HD and Ultra HD work. Ultimatte 12 includes next-generation edge handling, good color separation, and better spill suppression.

Ultimatte 12 8K
The Ultimatte 12 8K is an advanced chroma keyer with Quad Link 12G-SDI for HD, Ultra HD, and 8K. The future-proof design has full Ultimatte 12 processing in 8K for next-generation broadcast and film production.

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If you are working in broadcast news, sports, film production, or entertainment programming, the Ultimatte 12 allows you to create incredibly life-like composites so you can place your talent into any scene. The Ultimatte 12 models also include built-in frame stores so you don’t need live video sources for all inputs. You can also use Ultimatte 12 to layer computer-generated augmented reality foreground objects into a scene, complete with realistic transparency that your talent can walk behind.

If you are working live with multiple cameras shooting from different angles, green screens can suffer from variations. The other issue is that the keyers built into live production switchers often have to be shared between cameras, which complicates keying because each camera sees the green screen a little differently. The new Ultimatte 12 was designed to eliminate these problems because as they are so affordable you can have one for each camera. This allows you to tune each Ultimatte to a specific camera’s view.

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Adding additional translucent objects, such as colored or tinted glass and computer graphics, is virtually impossible with a traditional keyer. That’s because you can’t subtract a blue or green screen out of a semi-transparent colored object without changing the object’s original color. Now, with Ultimatte 12, you get a new layer compositing mode that lets you add tinted objects on top of the foreground image. That allows a whole new generation of realistic translucent glass looks in broadcast graphics.

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Ultimatte 12 features up to 7 different input connections, depending on the model, that are used for compositing different source elements together. These include foreground and background, along with holdout and garbage mattes, as well as additional layer inputs for superimposing additional images over the composited image. Ultimatte 12 even lets you use sources that are not synchronized when working with static shots. With the new Ultimatte 12 models, you can even operate without video sources because the internal frame stores let you load backgrounds and other elements internally.

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All Ultimatte 12 models include the free Ultimatte Software Control for Mac and Windows. The main window has menus arranged in sections that perform different functions. Because Ultimatte Software Control runs on a computer, you can upload the Ultimatte 12 frame stores All settings and still frames are saved in flash memory so are preserved when the power is turned off. Plus the Ultimatte 12 4K and 8K models include 10G Ethernet for even faster file upload.

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The Ultimatte Smart Remote 4 is a touchscreen remote that connects via Ethernet to control up to eight Ultimatte 12 units. Combined with the monitor cascade, this means you can view up to eight Ultimatte 12 units without adding a video router. Smart Remote 4 also features physical buttons and knobs for finer control of the Ultimatte 12 parameters. There are also buttons for quickly loading and saving presets, and a touchscreen that gives you full control over every Ultimatte parameter. Plus the front panel of the Ultimatte rack unit also has buttons to allow recall of custom presets! You can also create custom control solutions with the easy to use text based Ultimatte control protocol.

Prices & Availability

Here are the prices for the four new Ultimatte 12 units and the Ultimatte Smart Remote 4:

  • Ultimatte 12 HD Mini $495 USD
  • Ultimatte 12 HD $895 USD
  • Ultimatte 12 4K $2,995 USD
  • Ultimatte 12 8K $6,995 USD
  • Ultimatte Smart Remote 4 $3,885 USD

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