WHY RED 2 by Mark Toia

Why RED 2 is another great video by the very talented Director/Cinematographer Mark Toia.

Regardless of whether you like RED cameras or not, this is a great watch.

“So why do I choose RED? Well, it’s pretty logical. It’s a camera that’s got so much color, depth, and incredible dynamic range that it can’t be ignored. And a ton of resolution. And shoots RAW that you can edit and grade in real-time. And not forgetting it’s got great frame rates, upwards of 400 fps at different crops. And the added bonus is the new V-RAPTOR sensor has another two stops in the blacks and another stop in the highlights to play with. RED’s 8K RAW file, gives me far more creative options on set and in post, and it’s the single one reason why I shoot RED.” Mark Toia, Director/Cinematographer

Mark Toia, Director/Cinematographer

You might remember the above video that was released 5 years ago. It turned out to be a very good marketing tool for RED because Mark is one of those guys who will just tell you what he thinks.

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