Filtering out RF interference from an IFB or camera hop using the Sound Devices A20-RX

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Sound Devices has released a video where Gary Trenda demonstrates the workflow for filtering out RF interference from an IFB or camera hop using the A20-RX.

I really like when companies put out videos like this that help to educate users and make them aware of potential issues.

If you are not familiar with the Sound Devices A20-RX, it is a two-channel, true diversity receiver that uses SpectraBand technology. SpectraBand gives the A20-RX receiver and A20-Mini transmitter an extremely wide tuning range of 470 MHz – 1525 MHz.

The A20-RX is the successor to the A10-RX.


a20rx spectraband

As the wireless spectrum becomes increasingly crowded, sound professionals need flexibility when it comes to tuning range. The A20-RX is the first receiver on the market that can tune not only in common UHF TV bands around 470 – 608 MHz, but far above that.

SpectraBand eliminates the need for purchasing different wireless receivers dedicated to specific frequency bands. In the USA, the A20-RX can tune to the 600 MHz guard band (614-616 MHz), 600 MHz duplex gap (653-663 MHz), 900 MHz ISM Band (902-928MHz), 900 MHz STL Band (941.5-960 MHz), and, with the appropriate license, the 1.5 GHz AFTRCC band (1435-1525 MHz). This is in addition to the core USA UHF TV band from 470-608 MHz that’s commonly available. Overall, this totals approximately 285 MHz of available spectrum.

In the UK, the A20-RX can tune to the 800 MHz duplex gap (823-832 MHz), 800 MHz guard band (863-865 MHz), and, with a proper license, the DME and 1.5 GHz bands (961-1015 MHz, 1045-1075 MHz, 1105-1154 MHz, 1518-1525 MHz). This is in addition to the core UK UHF TV band from 470-702 MHz that’s commonly available. Overall, this totals approximately 383 MHz.

The A20-RX is the second product in Sound Devices’ first wireless product line. The first product, the A20-Mini transmitter, is also receiving a free firmware upgrade to enable SpectraBand when used with the A20-RX. The A20-RX is also compatible with all tuning ranges of the full-size A10-TX and is SuperSlot compatible with an SL-2 SuperSlot Wireless Module and 8-Series mixer-recorder.

Other features

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The A20-RX also features high-discrimination front-end filtering for better performance in noisy RF environments and Frequency AutoAssign for faster setup.

While tracking filters are common in wireless receivers, the A20-RX uses superior low-loss, brick-wall SAW filters to deliver excellent performance in noisy RF environments. These built-in filters also provide excellent immunity from nearby IFB or camera hop transmitters without the need for external filters or extra cabling. The AutoAssign feature scans a user-designated tuning band and selects available frequencies for the A20-RX’s two channels. This feature is designed to make frequency selection and setting quick and easy.

What is it compatible with?

a20rx family

The A20-RX is compatible with both the A20-Mini and A10-TX transmitters. Sound professionals with the previous A10-RX model, can upgrade the hardware of their receivers to the A20-RX for $995 USD or for a reduced price of $750 USD if they purchased their A10-RX within the last 12 months or an A20-Mini since June 1st.

The A10-RX may be converted to the A20-RX by sending the unit to Sound Devices for a hardware upgrade. Customers can start the upgrade process by visiting service.sounddevices.com/contact-support.

The upgrade program lasts until the end of 2022. I like when companies provide an upgrade path for their products because it shows that they care about their customers and the investment they have made.

The release of the A20-RX coincides with supporting firmware for the A20-Mini, A10-TX, 8-Series, SD-Utility and A20-Remote. To download supporting firmware, visit www.sounddevices.com/download

Price & availability

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The A20-RX is available to purchase for $2,995 USD.

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The A20-RX is available in two versions:

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