Manfrotto Skylite Rapid DoPchoice 60° SNAPGRID

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The Manfrotto Skylite Rapid DoPchoice 60° SNAPGRID is available in two different sizes, 6.56′ x 6.56′ and 9.84′ x 9.84′.

The DoPchoice 60° SNAPGRIDs are designed specifically for the Manfrotto Skylite Rapid Frame Extra Large Kit (10 x 10′) and the Manfrotto Skylite Rapid Midi Kit (5 x 5′).

Key features

  • 60° Grid
  • Controls Spill Light
  • Narrows Beam Spread
  • For Manfrotto Skylite Rapid Frame
  • Portable, Lightweight Design

The DoPchoice 60° SNAPGRIDs provide an additional layer of control for the Manfrotto Skylite Rapid light shaping system by focusing the beam into a narrower pattern. Constructed from durable, high-quality technical fabrics, the elastic corners and hook-and-loop fasteners ensure the grid is evenly distributed and sag-free. It features an ultralight and compact design, and the 9.84 x 9.84′ grid folds into the included carry case which measures 33 x 9.4″ and weighs 3.58kg / 7.9 lb.

Skylite Rapid System

If you are not familiar with the Manfrotto Skylite Rapid System, it is a range of lightweight professional light control tools designed to bounce, diffuse, shape, and block light. The panels are available in various sizes ranging from 3.6 x 3.6′ to 9.8 x 9.8′ and can be handheld or supported on stands. They feature a rapid-assembly aluminum frame with interchangeable clip-on covers. This range of light control products are useful for shooting photo or video either in the studio or on location and present a lightweight, portable, and versatile solution for content creators.

The Manfrotto Skylite Rapid System retails for the following prices:

Price & Availability

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The Manfrotto Skylite Rapid DoPchoice 60° SNAPGRIDs are certainly on the expensive side and they will cost you almost four times more than the cost of a Manfrotto Skylite Rapid. Below you can see the prices for the two versions:

If it is any consolation, they are made in Germany and you get an 8-year warranty after registering the product online.

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