CRDBAG CRDWALL– a new storage-wall system based on cord

CRDBAG has announced CRDWALL, a new storage-wall system based on cords. The whole concept behind CRDWALL was to create a new way of storing camera gear.

The founders of CRDBAG identified the need for high-quality and functional sub-packing products and smart storage solutions after having actively worked in the camera rental business and professionally as filmmakers for several years.

By making the system wall based the hope was that users would be able to free up space in their studio, office, or home as well as be able to clearly see and access the gear.

Key features

  • Flat, minimalistic design
  • Easy to install, adjust the height, and to expand the width
  • Lightweight and takes up a minimal amount of space when transporting

CRDWALL features a modular design that makes it possible to connect an unlimited number of systems together, so you can easily extend it if you need to add extra gear, as long as you have the space!

What you clearly need to factor in is that this certainly is only going to be a solution for certain types of gear. You can also only really attach gear that is already in bags or that can be hooked to the wall.

You also need to drill holes in a wall and secure the aluminum tracks which won’t be an option for some people if they happen to be renting a space where that wouldn’t be allowed.

Price & availability

The CRDWALL is priced at $195 USD (per kit/system) and it includes the following items:

  • 2 x Black aluminium tracks (610 mm / 24″)
  • 8 x Track hooks
  • 8 x Crdloops
  • 1 x Crdlock
  • 1 x Cord (30m / 98′) – Black, Silver Grey or Ultra Neon Yellow


Finding space for gear is always a never-ending battle. Keeping it organized and easily accessible is also a big challenge. The CRDWALL certainly isn’t going to be a solution for everyone, but it is good to see companies thinking outside of the box and coming up with storage solutions.

I like the concept of the system and I think it would work quite well in the right space.

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