Wisycom App for the Symphony Series wireless microphone system

Wisycom App Graphic

Wisycom has announced its new Wisycom App for the Symphony Series wireless microphone system that is available for iOS and Android.

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Similar to the Wisycom Manager PC software, the new app allows users to monitor, control and manage Wisycom devices through a Bluetooth 5 long-range connection. Users can remotely change device frequencies, monitor and adjust audio levels, and select channel/group assignments. Advanced features are available to select the transmitter and receiver bandwidth, adjust the transmitter’s RF output power, and toggle recording status.

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Thanks to the multiple device control it is possible to apply one or more commands to all connected devices simultaneously.

The device must have Bluetooth enabled in order to connect with Wisycom devices.

◆ Supported devices:

  • MTP60 Transmitter firmware v1.6.0 or higher
  • MCR54 Receiver firmware v1.23.0 or higher
  • MCR54-DUAL Receiver firmware v1.23.0 or higher

The Wisycom App is now available on the Apple App and Google Play stores. All firmware updates for the Wisycom Symphony Series and the latest version of Wisycom Manager can be downloaded from the Wisycom website at www.wisycom.com

In conjunction with the app, new device firmware is also now available for all Symphony Series products, allowing users to take full advantage of the app’s features. This firmware also adds enhanced functionality and performance to the MCR54 four-channel and MCR54-Dual two-channel true-diversity portable receivers, and the MTP60 bodypack transmitter A new version of Wisycom Manager PC software has also been released to match these firmware enhancements.

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