GVM-50SM RGB LED Double-Sided Bi-Color Soft Panel Light

The GVM RGB LED Double-Sided Bi-Color Soft Panel Light is an interesting concept. As its name suggests, the GVM-50SM features LED panels on both the front and the back of the light.

Now, this isn’t actually the first time GVM has done this as they have actually had a Bi-color version available for quite some time.

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Here is where this light gets a little weird. One side of the light is RGB with full color and color saturation adjustment, while the other side of the light is only Bi-Color. The RGB side features 476 SMD LED beads, while the Bi-Color side has 384 white lamp beads and 384 warm lamp beads.

This is strange, to say the least. I am not quite sure why you wouldn’t just make the light with the same panel on either side. What is even weirder is that both sides of the panel can’t be on at the same time. This sort of defeats the purpose of having a dual-sided panel in the first place.

If you could turn both sides on at once you could potentially use a light like this for two-person sit-down interviews or when you need to send light in two opposite directions.

The 50SM RGB LED Studio Video Light Panel measures 14.5″ x 13.2″ x 2″ / 35.56cm x 33.52cm x 5.08cm and it weighs 2.7kg / 5.95 lb. The Bi-color side has a CCT range from 3200 to 5600K with a claimed CRI rating of 97.

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The RGB side has 0-360° hue control and 0-100% saturation control so you can create millions of color combinations.

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As far as output is concerned, the Bi-color side of the panel is claimed to be able to produce 6600lux at a distance of 1m /3.3′ when set at 4300K. Both sides of the light draw 50W each.

You can set the channel, adjust the color temperature/brightness/HSI
utilizing the buttons on the light. The light can also be controlled and adjusted using the GVM APP on your smart device.

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The light can be powered via the included AC adapter and it runs on 100-240 VAC current, but it can also be powered by two optional 7.4V 4400mAh li-Ion batteries.

You can put optional barn doors of egg crates on both sides of the light.

Price & Availability

The GVM GVM-50SM RGB LED Double-Sided Bi-Color Soft Panel Light is available to pre-order for $339 USD.

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It is also available in a two light kit for $699 USD and a three light kit for $999 USD.

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